Cant Add RAM

By robinsonspecial ·
I have recently salvaged an old computer from the market and actually got it working. I installed Windows Me and it goes okay except for the one problem and that is when I try to add RAM to the existing 64MB already installed, the computer starts to go through POST and shows on screen that the RAM has been added and I get the single short beep as normal but at the point where the RAM comes up on screen, the computer stops dead, nothing works. I cant get into the BIOS set up with the new RAM installed. I have removed the original stick of RAM and tried new, known working sticks of RAM with no success. the computer shows the RAM count on screen but then stops functioning.
I checked out the BIOS in windows system checking tool and the BIOS is Award Modular BIOS v6.00PG if that meanw anything to anyone.
The processor is a 1Ghz Intel III processor. thats all I know about the computer without running a diagnotic prog on it.
Any suggestions on this one. If I am using the wrong RAM (appears to be SDRAM to me) would it show up in the RAM count and would I not get some warning beeps from the POST
Any help appreciated.

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Is it Possible?

by rkuhn In reply to Cant Add RAM

That you are mixing ECC and non-ECC RAM?

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Can't install Ram

by meridenscrafts In reply to Cant Add RAM

WinME has the same memory limitations as Windows 98 - shouldn't use more than 512MB.

How many times have you tried to reboot your system? If more than once, does the warning message appear every time? The reason why I ask is because when bootup failed the first time when you had both sticks in, the OS may have started to load although it was stuck on the ASUS POST display. That would explain why it tried to go into safe mode on the next boot.

What happens when you put the old memory stick back in - does the error go away?

See if resetting CMOS with a MB jumper gets rid of the warning.

Also, if you're using Win 98, then you're limited to 512MB of RAM max.
If you're using Win ME, XP, or 2000, then install just 512MB of RAM, go into BIOS, increase the memory's voltage setting a notch, and install the add'l. 512MB.
If no luck, then try installing the 2 modules in different slots.

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