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Can't anyone step up to the challenge?

By SonicClang ·
I'm still looking for an answer to this question. I've been posting it on and off for months and no one is replying. Does no one know the answer?

From one user to another, e-mails are losing their formatting. I had thought it was only when e-mails go out through the internet, but that seems to be the only time they keep their formatting.

I just did a test from one computer to another in the same office and all the special text information is being lost. It's being displayed as plain text, but in the Format menu, HTML is still checked. There must be a setting somewhere on the Exchange Server 5.5 program that is removing all the formatting.

Please can anyone help?

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Email format controlled at several places

by stress junkie In reply to Can't anyone step up to t ...

Email client software like Outlook or work alikes can
control the format of email at several places. There is a
setting for default outgoing messages, default
incoming messages, and per user outgoing messages.
I'm not familiar with Exchange Server configuration but
you can check these places in the client software.

The email client software configuation applet will have
a default setting to be used for outgoing messages.
This will most likely allow either 'Text only' or 'HTML'.

Then the client software default setting can be
overriden on a 'per person' basis. This can be seen and
set using the Address Book applet. Look at the
properties of each person listed in the address book.
There will be a setting of 'Text only' or 'HTML'
formatting for that particular user.

Lastly, the email client software can be set to ignore
formatting in incoming messages. This is back at the
email client configuration applet. If you send a
message in HTML format but the person reading the
message sees HTML code instead of the formatted page
then this is a probable cause. It's also safer to
unformat incoming messages because you won't run
Java code or open a web page just by reading a

There may be other possibilities for your symptoms but
these came to mind when I read your post.

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Looks like a good idea very poorly executed.

by DC_GUY In reply to Email format controlled a ...

It does appear that someone tried to use a plaintext default to minimize the risk of a virus or other malicious code being transmitted via e-mail. Unfortunately they garbled the settings.

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by SonicClang In reply to Looks like a good idea ve ...

Yeah, unfortunately I'm inherriting this mess of a network, so I really have no idea where the settings for this would be.

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I will double check

by SonicClang In reply to Email format controlled a ...

I will double check all of those settings, although I'm fairly certain at this point I've checked them all. Both computers I was testing on this morning are set to HTML for outgoing mail. As far as I know my computer is not set up to strip off any special formatting. Intersting, I just received an e-mail from someone on our network at he used some special fonts and the formatting was not stripped off his e-mail.

Are there any known issues between Outlook 2000 and XP?

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Anyone think of fonts?

by SonicClang In reply to Can't anyone step up to t ...

Did anyone think to ask if I have the correct fonts installed on my computer? I think that might be the problem. If the person creating an e-mail has a font you don't have, you're going to see that font in plain text. grr.

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Wrong forum to post a question

by Oz_Media In reply to Can't anyone step up to t ...

Well if you've been posting here and not getting answers, it is because this is not the Technical Q&A forum, which is the place to resolve technical issues. The discussion forum is just for discussing topics of interest not getting answers.

If you HAVE been postig in tech Q&A, you probably posted with a low point value that never attracted anyone to help resolve your issue.

Anyhow, I am not a Microsoft kinda guy so I have no solutions, but then again this isn't a place to get solutions, so my comments are at least conversationally valid.

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Well then...

by SonicClang In reply to Wrong forum to post a que ...

WTF??? Not a technical forum? How did this get posted here then?

Oz, I should have known you were a mac kinda guy, being the liberal you are liberals always seem to think macs are sooooo much better and are always snobby about them

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Take a pill you freak!

by Oz_Media In reply to Well then...

This is an ongoing problem with TechRpublic forums (oh yeah, you're new aren't you).

We have been workin gto get issues resolved such as gettng people to use the technical Q&A section where Tech Points are accumulated (oh yeah you haven't earned any points from helping people here either have yuo).

give your head a shake and wehen you have SOME faint clue of what you are talking about, voice your opinion. Until that time, STFU!

YOU show me on the HOME page or entry to Duscussions page where it says this is a forum to have technical questions answered, it's NOT, and that's why you don't get any help you idiot.

You actualy had the lack of brain power that when you had a question to ask, yuo skipped OVER the Technical Q&A link (DUH) and selected th Discussions link. So get bent until you have a clue, you are WRONG. THis is NOT a place for asking technical questions, it is for discussing topics not asking guestions, moron!

Some people's children! Get out of your mom's basement and get your pasty white shut-in skin some air.

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Who the **** said I was a mac guy?

by Oz_Media In reply to Well then...

I've only ever seen a Mac turned on once about 5 years ago.

I am a Novell Linux kinda guy, at least my products work.

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Most posts here are technical

by stress junkie In reply to Wrong forum to post a que ...

Admitedly there is a 'Technical Q & A' forum. That said,
it's clear that most of the discussions in this forum are
technical or about IT careers.

I'll tell you what I think is inappropriate. Some people
post a lot of political 'discussions'. I think posts dealing
with the politics of The Congo or of Laos or wherever
have any place on TR. I think these people should take
their political debates to Yahoo! or Google or some
place that wants to host political discussions.

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