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can't backup sysvol folder

By NatCat ·
Hi All,
I'm using Arcserve 2000 in an attempt to prove to a customer that disaster recovery will work much faster than reinstalling the OS after a crash.

Everything is working fine until I try to backup the system state. I get an error stating that e:\sysvol can't be found. As a result the backup finishes as incomplete and I'm unable to create DR media as a result.

There is no e:\sysvol folder, but there is a
e:\system volume information folder and a
i:\sysvol folder.

Would it be safe to copy the sysvol folder from I onto E ?
Is there anyplace in windows that I can set the location of the sysvol folder ?
Has anyone else encountered this or similar problems with performing a system state backup ?

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by ross.bale In reply to can't backup sysvol folde ...

1. System State data can only be backed up onto a removable media device on the computer you are backing up - ie you cannot backup multiple servers to a single tape server over the network.

2. For DR Purposes, microsoft strongly recommend using Microsoft Backup - I will sit on the fence on this one as microsoft do have a tendancy to **** their own trumpets unnecessarily.

3. SYSVOL normally resides at x:\winnt\sysvol. I would be hesitant to copy sysvol as it contains the following:

COM+ Class Registration Database
System Boot Files
Certificate Services Database (if installed)
ActiveDirectory and SYSVOL Folder (if Domain Controller)

NB you cannot specify individual system state data to backup.

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