can't boot

By u4mist ·
I used gparted to extend my c-drive in vista 32bit after running gparted i rebooted. once i past the logo screen and the f2 - f8 - f12 Screen i get a blinking cursor and can go no further I've tried booting form recovery dvd nothing happens, and yes i changed it in the bios to boot form cd-dvd. please help.i feel like a lost child.'s a lenovo 3000 k100. Intel core 2 duo. 2gb of ddr2 memory. sata 500gb hard drive vista home premium

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You might try running Rescue & Recovery from bootup

by Darryl~ Moderator In reply to can't boot

Press F11 while booting.

Rescue & Recovery should start.

Select restore system & maintain programs & files.

If that doesn't work, you'll probably have to do a factory restore (same way, F11 while booting except select factory default)

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can't boot

by u4mist In reply to You might try running Res ...

thank you darryl for your quick response but the problem is that the rescue partition was deleted to free up space to extend c:drive add that to the fact that i can't boot from dvd drive or usb. question is what do i do know. any help would be greatly appreciated.thank you so much.

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download Win RE disc

by msnep In reply to can't boot

You posted twice and I replied the other one already.

Anyway, if your computer had a recovery partition, maybe the "recovery disc" you have is from the manufacturer, not from MS. Maybe your recovery disc doesn't work anymore because you removed the recovery partition from the hard disc. I'm not familiar with Lenovo though.

Here you can download a Vista recovery disc, with which you might be able to boot, and then run recovery tools (e.g. Repair Startup, bootrec)

Note: I haven't had a chance to try this download myself, so I can't guarantee it's a good image.

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Lenovo doesn't ship with recovery CD's

by Darryl~ Moderator In reply to download Win RE disc

We have many different models at work.

What I've done in the past when the recovery partition gets wiped out is go to the vendor we purchased the computer & obtained a set of recovery CD's from them to do a factory restore. The problem with doing that is you WILL lose any programs or files you had saved.

Our vendor never charges us for the recovery CD's but I don't know if that is the common practice or not...we purchase a lot of systems from them so they treat us pretty good.

It's usually a set of 3 or 4 CD's.

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will try the download

by u4mist In reply to download Win RE disc

i've downloaded the iso going to burn it to dvd, I'll let you know how it gose

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