Can't boot from CD

By Tom Dee ·

I've read the other posts that seem similar to my problem but mine is a little different. I cannot boot this Dell Dimension 3000 desktop (windows xp) using the windows xp cd from dell. I've gone into the Bios and changed the options to boot from CD first.

I am never prompted to press any key to boot from CD after this. it is just a continuous loop of failing when trying to boot up. any suggestions?

i've tried:

going to bios and changing boot option to CD while disabling floppy and hard drive.

i never get the option to press any key to boot from CD. it just bypasses that and then fails


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Crazy question...

by cmiller5400 In reply to Can't boot from CD

Have you tried cleaning the cd/dvd drive? I have some that absolutely will not boot off the CD but work fine in a windows environment. As soon as I clean it (open the drive up and clean the optical sensor) it works fine.

Please, please, please do not open the cd/dvd drive unless you know what you are doing. There is a laser in there that can cause injury and blindness.

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Reponse To Answer

by Tom Dee In reply to Crazy question...

thank you for your input. i will give that a shot. I'm just curious though because when I boot up I never even get prompted to "press any key to boot from CD". and in the bios if I totally disable the hard drive or i physically unplug it, i get an error message that only allows me to enter the bios. i'm just stuck in this loop. let me try cleaning the drive, but i'm surprised i'm not even prompted to "press a key"????

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Are you saving changes on exit? <NT>

by Kenone In reply to Can't boot from CD
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Reponse To Answer

by Tom Dee In reply to Are you saving changes on ...

yes of course i do that... and i'm also given the option of hitting F12 to go into boot menu (as well as F2 for setup). i've done that as well and choose CD-ROM (it is an option so i'm assuming the machine sees it) and when i reboot i get nothing. this is also the setting in the bios and it stays there every time i check it after the machine shuts off?????

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Bad Drive, Connection, or Disc?

by willcomp In reply to Can't boot from CD

You may have a faulty CD drive, a poor connection, or faulty media. Do you have another bootable CD to try? Check cables (power and signal) to ensure they are fully seated.

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Reponse To Answer

by Tom Dee In reply to Bad Drive, Connection, or ...

thank you i'm all set... i pulled the cd rom player out of a different machine i have and plugged it into this one and everything worked the way it should. i was prompted to boot from a cd by pressing a key and it all works. thanks for taking the time to read and respond everyone. and you were rite on when suspecting a bad drive or connection thank you!!

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