Can't boot from CDROM after mainboard change

By imanother ·
Replaced a crook mobo with a spare one from another m/c. Changed the boot order to boot first from CDROM, so as to temporarily install XP Pro prior to installing Windows Home Server, but, on POST, "CDROM Boot Record: not found". A boot options window appears, with the option to "Start Windows Normally" highlighted. Among other options are three versions of Safe Mode, none of which helps, of course, since the computer will not boot to Windows. Other options also seem to be irrelevant. The test counts down 30 seconds (unless you hit Enter at any point during that time) before trying to boot to the existing XP Home installation. Of course, not finding the new mobo to its liking, it goes through the routine described here again, ad infinitum.

I did manage to, somehow, boot to the CDROM once(after several failed attempts), but the file "Fatfile" (XP Pro) was reported as being corrupted. Used a different version of XP Pro, but failed to boot to CD again.

I'm out of ideas. Can anyone please help?

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Check the CDROM cable

by IC-IT In reply to Can't boot from CDROM aft ...

It may be the older style 40 wire and may not be correctly sending recieving data. Also check the jumper settings. It should be master or CS on the end of the IDE chain.
Verify the BIOS can see the drive.

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Original drive on 8-yr-old m/c

by imanother In reply to Check the CDROM cable

that's been in storage for 9 months, so the settings are the same as ever, but I shall check in case the pixies have been playing round in there. As for the BIOS, I assume you mean whether or not the drive is listed. It is listed, and I have reordered it so as to make BIOS boot from it first. Thanks, IC-IT.

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Well as this started once

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Can't boot from CDROM aft ...

Are these Manufactured Disc's or Burnt Disc's you are using?

If they are burnt disc's they may be the wrong Dye Type for this Drive and do not reflect enough light to actually allow the drive to read the Disc.

Either that or the intensity of the LED in this drive has dropped below the Operating Threshold required to actually read a Disc. This happens quite often because people leave disc's in the drive and the LED is switched on attempting to read them while there is a Disc in the drive. Eventually it just wears out so to speak and stops reading that type of Disc.


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These are two borrowed burned discs

by imanother In reply to Well as this started once

I used to get me going so as to allow me to install Ms Windows Home Server (must have a Ms op system installed in order to install WHS, else I'd have tried installing Linux). It has never been my habit to leave a disc idling in the drive, and the drive has had little use, anyway, but it is an old one . . .. It's just occured to me that I could pop in a manufacturer's Win XP Home. That would get me going and allow me to install WHS, eh? Otherwise let me know if the drive is kaput.

Thanks, OH Smeg.

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Your welcome EOM

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to These are two borrowed bu ...

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