Can't boot from Windows 7 Inst DVD

By cccondo ·
Im trying to install Windows 7 on a computer and I have the boot priority set to DVD Drive but everytime it asks me to 'Press any key to boot from CD' it just goes into XP.

Very frustrating, solutions anyone???

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Does the dvd-unit work correctly?

by TobiF In reply to Can't boot from Windows 7 ...

Does the dvd-unit work correctly?
If not, perhaps an external optical reader could help.

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DVD Drive Working

by cccondo In reply to Does the dvd-unit work co ...

It works fine and I have even tried an external drive and it does the exact same thing

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by musenwaid In reply to Can't boot from Windows 7 ...

If it gives you an option to prees any key to boot from DVD, I think you just have to wait and see were it will end. I ecperienced it once when it start with XP but at the end it will install Win7

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Ok Thanks

by cccondo In reply to Wait

I will try this and see if it works then ill post up how it went

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Clean install or upgrade?

by TobiF In reply to Wait

Are you trying to make a clean install or an update?
In case of an update, I guess, you don't need to boot from the CD.
By the way, what type of computer are we talking about (just in case that particual model is known to behave in interesting ways...)

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Try wiping XP from the drive, first.

by santeewelding In reply to Can't boot from Windows 7 ...

Or, at least the boot sector.

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by cccondo In reply to Try wiping XP from the dr ...

I will try this as well

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Catch 22...

by TobiF In reply to Try wiping XP from the dr ...

In order to wipe XP off the disk, you need to boot from something different. An installation DVD, for instance. But that's what we're trying to fix in the first place :)

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Run into that, too

by santeewelding In reply to Catch 22...

Turned out that, when I thought I had arranged the BIOS order appropriately, I had not. You know -- like forgetting to hit F10 to save.

In the alternative, the W7 disc can also be inserted while XP Pro is up and running. Open it, and go from there ("Are you sure? All data will be lost!").

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When you altered the Boot Order

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Can't boot from Windows 7 ...

Did you save the changes as you exited the BIOS?

If not the system will be booting from what it was previously.

Also is this a DVD Drive or a CD Drive?

Even if it's a DVD Drive it's still possible that the CD side of it is working but the DVD Side is no longer working. What happens if you leave a DVD in the drive constantly is that the LED's that provide the light for the Laser Beams loose intensity so that type of LED wears out so to speak. As DVD and CD use different LED's to generate the light it's quite possible to have a CD work and the DVD not work or vice versa. But here as you are using a DVD I would be looking a the DVD LED.

Also is the Windows 7 DVD Data Face Clean?

If it has finger prints or scratches on it it's quite possible that the Drive can not read the Disc correctly so the system is starting to read the DVD but then defaulting the the HDD.

I would try another Boot Disc to rule out a faulty Windows 7 Disc.

If you don't have one I suggest Boot & Nuke available free here


Or Kill Disc also free from here


With some systems Kill Disc is easier to use but it doesn't do as good a job of Wiping the HDD as Boot & Nuke does. Or you can try the Ultimate Boot CD also free from here


Any one of those 3 will work as a Boot Disc to test your Optical Drive.


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