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can't boot-HELP PLEASE

By Zack Mac ·
I changed the CPU speed in my BIOS and also selected "optimize for otimum speed" or something like that. Now can't boot up at all. Also I can't find ana rticle in windows help on how to make a boot CD, which I could do on my other machine since they're about the same. Please help!

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by mrafrohead In reply to can't boot-HELP PLEASE

Just change the speed back to what it was, and you should be just fine.

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by bullitch_1978 In reply to

Return to your bios setup and try to select setup defaults.

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The Definative Guides to Creating Boot CD's

by CompShop In reply to can't boot-HELP PLEASE

I've just spent the last several days (and long sleepless nights) working on an extreme system crash. One of the biggest problems I had was a machine without a FDD. There are many different configurations out there to create a boot CD, but for a comprehensive education and toolset, go visit the Ultimate Boot CD for Windows at

Also visit Bart Lagerweij's most excellent site at Bart has spent years compiling tons of information, procedures and tools to create a boot cd (and many other goodies) for nearly anything.

Both sites are informative and offer a ton of material, tools, well-written procedures and just about everything you could ask for on the subject.

Be careful: Once you get started on this path, you'll get hooked. It's fun to experiment and see what you can create. I've lost about 3 nights sleep now, mostly because of the ton of stuff to learn and do. It's been fun, but try to get some sleep. And be sure to have fun.

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What type of board is it.

by dbucyk In reply to can't boot-HELP PLEASE

Did you change any jumpers on the motherboard to accomodate the faster CPU.

Even though newer motherboard will automatically detect the newer CPU, nonetheless, there is always at least one jumper on the motherboard that adjusts the motherboard speed.

Some other motherboards have to have the jumper for clock speed and voltage set to allow the CPU to operate.

Check these out and, if it doesn't help, then more than likely the CPU is defective because the CPU boots even before the BIOS.

I hope this is of some help.

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