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Cant boot windows xp

By sonteg ·
I turned on my computer today and It takes me to the windows advanced f8 page. but it wont go any further it just keeps looping. I cant get it to boot in any mode not even safe. If you know of anything that can help? I would appreciate it. Also is the bartpe disk the answer for this problem?

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by davebkelly In reply to Cant boot windows xp

It looks as if you may have a problem with your HDD. If this is the case, then firstly you should try to boot your computer using the last known good configuration. If this does not work and you get the same looping effect then it would be best to use the recovery console.

I will try and give you a step by step guide...

1, Boot from your OS CD and choose the option to repair.

2, Once into the recovery console, the system will do 1 of 2 things. It will either ask you to log on or it will dump you straight into the DOS prompt. If it does ask you to log on, use the "Administrator" username and password until you get to the DOS prompt (If it does not ask you to log on, your windows installation has become damaged) Dont Panic Just Yet.

3, Once you have the DOS prompt, type the following- chkdsk /r

4, This will run a disk repair utility and it may take some time to complete. (2 hours is not uncommon).

5. Once this has completed (the % may go up and then back down again !!) you will get one of 2 messages:
a, chkdsk has successfully repaired......
b, chkdsk has detected one or more errors that could not be repaired.

If its a, continue.......if its b, get a new hard drive and start again !!

I guess it was a, then !!......

Now... remove the CD and boot your computer normally. It should boot up and behave normally, however you MUST follow the next few steps as it will happen again if you don't.

Once your computer has booted, open a dos prompt (START/RUN/"cmd") and type in the following at the dos prompt chkdsk /f

You will be informed that the task cannot be performed now and would you like it to be performed on next boot. Select YES !!!

Now restart the computer and let the chkdsk run.

This final chkdsk will scan the HDD and mark any bad sectors as unusable.

Good Luck !!!

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by sonteg In reply to

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Cant boot windows xp

While the above is the correct answer for a Windows Problem it might not be the answer that you require. If the Control Counsel fails then you most likely have a Bad HDD Controlled which means that your M'Board has suffered some damage and needs replacing.

I've seen quite a few of these recently and even on my personal systems and have no idea what is causing this to happen but in every case the HDD Controller has been damaged and is no longer usable.

If this is the case your best option is to remove the HDD fit it to a USB Caddy and save your Data to some other Storage Media and then proceed to rebuild your computer. Just a word of warning here if you have encrypted your Data you'll need to save your Encryption Key or it will be useless and you might need to take Ownership of the files so you can open them. To do this follow the directions here

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by sonteg In reply to

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by sonteg In reply to Cant boot windows xp

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