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    Can’t boot with IDE primary master and primary slave hard drives attached.


    by bobz1140 ·

    Here is my problem. I am running WinXP Pro and have twohard drives connected to my primary IDE channel. I have an ASUS A7V400MX motherboard and 2 gigs of ram.

    I was running 2 80 Gig Western digital hard drives. I use my 2nd drive to Ghost to. My system has been very stable for over 4 years.

    Last week I ran the WD diagnostics on both drives and found out that my primary drive was good and my second drive would not pass the tests.

    I them purchased a WD 160 Gig drive to replace my 2nd drive.
    I installed it as primary slave and formatted it to NTFS. Everything fine so far. I then used Ghost 2003 to do a sector to sector copy of my C drive to my new D drive. I then made my new drive primary with no slave attached. Everything was great it booted up and I was on my way.

    Here’s where the problems started. I then installed my old 80 Gig drive as primary slave so I could use it to Ghost to for a system backup.

    Now I can’t boot with the Primary slave attached. I have spent the last 2 days talking to Tier 2 support at WD. Basically they have given up. We tried may potential solutions including Win Recovery Console, writing 1’s and 0’s to the slave drive, I updated my bios to the latest version, etc.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    I thank you in advance.


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