Can't Boot XP - keyboard/mouse drivers missing

By tpryor ·
I have a user that deleted the setpoint software on their machine. Now, we can't login to that machine because the keyboard nor mouse work! Is there a way to load the keyboard drivers with a boot disk?

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by winthrop.polk In reply to Can't Boot XP - keyboard/ ...

Is it USB keyboard/mouse? Either way (assuming it is plugged into a motherboard device) you should be able to reload the motherboard drivers and that should solve the problem.

If you can't get to the install program without the keyboard and mouse, not sure what you can do other than reinstalling the OS.

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Reinstall worked!

by tpryor In reply to hmmmm

I finally did a reinstall! Thank you for your reply!!

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This may help

by IC-IT In reply to Can't Boot XP - keyboard/ ...

While it is not your exact situation this article may help (especially the remote registry entry;

Another option that may help would be to use the Recovery Console to see if the i8042prt.sys service is set to automatic and not disabled.
One way is to listsvc, I like to just use the Enable command without the startup type;
EX: Enable i8042prt

Then you would use the;
Enable i8042prt SERVICE_BOOT_START

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Thank you!

by tpryor In reply to This may help

Thank you for this info!

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Setpoint is Logitech software

by SKDTech In reply to Can't Boot XP - keyboard/ ...

So i assume you are using Logitech equipment. So far I have never had a problem with Logitech hardware not detecting and autinstalling its own drivers. However if you are not able to use the present keyboard and mouse then try booting up with a dfferent keyboard and mouse plugged in, if you have a PS/2 keyboard it will work 99.999% of the time. then once you are logged in you can try reinstalling the drivers.

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by tpryor In reply to Setpoint is Logitech soft ...

I even tried the PS/2 luck! Yes, Logitech is great stuff...don't know what the heck happened but XP reinstall fixed it!

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Can you remote into the machine?

by 1bn0 In reply to Can't Boot XP - keyboard/ ...

Sometimes the remote console will still funtion correctly even though the local keyboard and/or mouse is not working.

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This works every time!

by tpryor In reply to Can you remote into the m ...

I appreciate everyone's suggestions! But due to time restraints and this computer being at a remote location, I just did a reinstall of XP. Which took care of a couple of other minor issues that I was experiencing, as well. This is a great website! Wish I had known about this months ago! :)

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Remote console

by tpryor In reply to Can you remote into the m ...

I didn't try this. But I will if it ever happens again. Thanks so much!!

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