Can't browse after clean install of windows

By zebtmoney ·
I can't get my computer to browse with windows xp. i've loaded 2 copys of windows on the machine 32 bit oem and 64 bit oem. I've given up on the 32 bit version i can't get the browser to open at all. One thing i can do is go to my homepage i set my home page to a site and i can go there but only to what i set my home page to. I'll have to open and close the browser a few times for it to come up even. I can ping out, use other programs to access the internet. i have tried several browsers still nothing. What i've done so far: reloaded os 4 times, did winsock fix, installed a nic on the computer, yesterday i loaded a live cd of linux on the computer and i was browsing right away.... Does anyone have any ideas what this could be its a new computer i've just built, things i'm thinking it could be, motherboard or bad drivers? i've check drivers for motherboard and nic and i can't find anything wrong

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Sounds to me like a bit of a problem here......

by Peconet Tietokoneet In reply to Can't browse after clean ...

First download "Killdisk",
Now this will take at least four hours to clean your disk. It will be of an ISO format so you will need a ISO burner.
Once you have burnt this to cd, re-boot your system with it and follow the instructions.
When all is clean (and it should be), re-install your operating system of choice. Hopefully your connection will be back up and running.
If not, please post back.

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Open the Device Management Window

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Can't browse after clean ...

And look for unknown hardware this is hardware that doesn't have it's drivers installed and therefore doesn't work.

Windows doesn't come with a complete set of drivers for all possible hardware so you need to install the extra drivers after you finish installing Windows or make a Slipstreamed Install Disc to include the drivers that your hardware requires.

To double check this open the Device Manager and check for any Unknown Devices. This is hardware without Drivers Installed so they do not work.

you need to install the Drivers that are missing and these would be on the Install Disc's provided by their Makers or you can download them from their Makers Web Site.

If you are using M$ OEM Install Disc's on a Off the Shelf System you need to visit the system Makers Web Site and download the Drivers for your OS from them.


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improper installed drivers

by ashish In reply to Can't browse after clean ...

I can understand your problem. This happned due to installation of one 32bit OS and one 64 bit OS on same motherboard, they can conflict to each other because the clock rate, processing speed and need of drivers for same hardware are different. So if you want to use properly your system without any intrupt then you have to install only one OS that much supported to your motherboard and hardwares and install drivers as- for 64bit OS drivers supported to 64bit, for 32bit OS drivers supported to 322bit. check your nic card that is supported to 64bit os or not. I suggest you to use 32bit OS because 64bit OS is good for speed but for using different softwares and drivers 32bit OS is best.

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