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Can't Browse IE, FireFox, Netscape

By John3M ·
I use SBC Yahoo DSL, Windows XP. Recently I connected a linksys router briefly to Desktop pc then removed the router and connected back to the modem directly. Now my desktop pc connects to the internet but I can't browse in IE, Netscape, or FireFox. I did IPCONFIG ALL, IPCONFIG/FLUSHDNS, IPCONFIG /RELEASE, IPCONFIG /RENEW and I ran 5 spyware remover programs to no avail. If I disconnect my desktop PC and connect my Laptop to the modem, I can browse with no problem.
On my desktop pc, it seems like there is a spyware that hijacks my IE browser as "http:///%20" is thrown in front of every url. Firefox, simply shows a blank page. I've gone through SBCYahoo tech support and determined that the problem is on my computer, as they show that I am clearly connected. Also, tried to ping yahoo and got error messages. SBC?s software also shows errors, the most common of which is "web server unavailable", though yahoo tech support has verified that I am connected and the icon in ?networks connections? area shows "connected". I have deleted and created new connections several times to no avail.
I have taken the router out of the loop and I'm just using the modem "speed stream 5100". All internet connection settings on my desktop pc appear to be the same as laptop but only my laptop can browse the internet.
I attempted to reload the SBC Yahoo software but since it can't dial out, it tells me that the reload has failed. I would greatly appreciate any fix ideas.

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by wcp In reply to Can't Browse IE, FireFox, ...

1. Uncheck TCP/IP and uninstall Client for MS Network and reboot. Recheck and install them again.

2. Do power cycle
Turn off Desktop, Router and DLS modem in order. Wait 30 seconds. Turn on the modem, router, and computer in order.

3. Run Antispyware below if you have not run them yet.
? Ad-aware SE Personal - See for manual update.
? Spybot S&amp - and download and run Detection Update.
? Spysweeper - No manual update is available.
? CWShredder -
? Hijack This - This is essentially Registry editing. Do not do this if you are not comfortable of using it.

4. Winsock fix
? LSP-Fix -
? WinsockXPFix -

5. Replace the NIC.

6. As a last resort, backup data and clean install Windows.

At each run of a step, run IPCONFIG from Command Prompt and see if you get an appropriate IP address. Run each browser and change Startup page if necessary.

If you need more info or help, please add a comment.

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by wcp In reply to

I?d like to add a step after the Step 2.
Run MSCONFIG and disable all non-Microsoft Services and Startup programs. If this resolved the problem, identify the culprit and uninstall/reinstall or remove it.

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by John3M In reply to

Thank you for attempting to help. I really appreciate it.

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Can't Browse IE, FireFox, ...

When you connected the Linksys Router did you install any software?

If so have you removed it?

From your description the HTTP address is a preliminary one for a Router Connection/Setup cycle with a few charters missing so I would surmise that some of the Linksys Router Software is still resident on the system.

If you can't see it in the Add Remove Programs a Clean install will most likely be necessary to get around the problem. You'll need to Backup all your data and then wipe the HDD with a zeroing Utility and then perform an install of the entire software again. If this is a problem produced by the Linksys Router Software an In Place Install Will Not cure the problem.


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by John3M In reply to

Hi HAl 9000,

Thank you for your advice on how to fix my internet connection problem. That nailed it! There was a portion of the Linksys software left on the computer and I couldn't see it. When I initially attempted to load the linksys software it failed. So I thought that nothing was left behind. When you suggested that the some residual software may exist. It reminded me of the attempt and I simply backed up my files and cleaned the system and Bam! I really appreciate it. Thank you.

Thanks Again,

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by John3M In reply to Can't Browse IE, FireFox, ...

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