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Can't cd to my c drive

By Poettone ·
Hi, I'm having an issue in Dos all of a sudden where I can't cd to my c drive.

We are on a Samba domain and I am using XP SP2

This was never a problem until recently.

When I open cmd I am taken to our H: drive which is used for our Linux Profiles.

At the H I type cd c: as always, I have done it a million times. Today however when I do it get the following.

H:\cd c:


It takes me right back to my H prompt?

I tried creating a new folder on cd and doing the following with the same result

H:\cd c:\uploads


I'm baffled by this change and need to cd to my c drive..

Any idea would be most appreciated.


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by willcomp In reply to Can't cd to my c drive

Type C: at DOS prompt to change to C drive. Then type cd \uploads when you you get to drive C.

Unless my DOS is rustier than I think it is, cd (change directory) only works on drive logged onto. You first have to change drives by typing C: then Enter.


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by Poettone In reply to

Thanks Anyway Dalton, but I'm far beyond that point.. I am aware of how to change directories...

Thanks Anyway

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by aseem_kumar_2001 In reply to Can't cd to my c drive

Never seen anyone one using command cd c:
cd is for changing directory not drive
u only type the name of drive and colon to change to another drive
U have got confused with some command else

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by Poettone In reply to

Ah no you use cd to change your drives as well.

Thanks Anyway...

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by dustyD In reply to Can't cd to my c drive

The command prompt behaves as it does giving you a default H drive because you are on a domain and have a home/mapped drive using H.

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by Poettone In reply to

I am aware of this, but I have and should still be able to change to my local drive.. I always have in the past...

Thanks Anyway..

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by Poettone In reply to Can't cd to my c drive

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by Poettone In reply to Can't cd to my c drive

I must come back and say that I really had everyone really thrown on this one.. Due to the simple fact I let my overpowerful thinking not let me stop and look at the "kiss" principle, not attempting to over analyze something so simple. If you unware what this means please see following decription:

Keep it Simple Stupid..!

I Was VERY high or something that day, as I know why it wasn't working, everyone was basically correct, You can't do a cd c:,,, duh:) So My bad..

Anyone who answered the command cd issue, please see my next post for a bonus of 500 points each...
Please show up in the next 2 days to make your claim...

Have a good one..

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