Can't change or uninstall ANY Office 2010 Pro Plus program??

By cyberghost_1 ·
Here's a tough one... Last week I lent my netbook to my cousin and he decided to run a program called Office RCT 2.0 ita a rearm count tool... He really messed things up for me... Here's the problem: I lost my activation for Office 2010 Pro Plus, Visio 2010 Premium and Project 2010 Pro... I was able to recover my activation licence only for Office 2010 Pro Plus... THE ISSUE IS: I can't uninstall Visio or Project!!!! Neither can I change the installation for Office 2010... The Setup/Installer doesn't come up at all!!! All I get is an error message stating that Only one Setup can run at one time... I have no idea what to do!!!! I can't uninstall anything having to do with Office!!! I already tried restarting the Office Engine Service and the Windows Installer Service... One other thing... I have a KMS Licence for Visio and Project... due to all this the period went down to 30 days and it says that they are no t activated... I tried activating them using VAMT 2.0 with no success!!! Please help me out guys!!! This is urgent!!!! I appreciate any and all help that u guys can provide!!! Thanks!!!

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Found the problem!!!

by cyberghost_1 In reply to Can't change or uninstall ...

After about 1 week working with MS Online Chat Tech Support... we were finally able to uninstall ALL Office 2010 programs... It was a mess!!!! BUT... when I tried to re-install Office 2010 I kept getting the same error about only one instance of Setup can run at one time... SO... I did some of my own troubleshooting and guess what... I found what was causing THE WHOLE ISSUE BEFORE AND AFTER!!!!! I'm using a Release Candidate (RC) of ESET Smart Securtiy... and it has a feature called HIPs... It monitors the changes made by any software on my pc... I disabled that feature... AND.... I was able to re-install ALL of Office 2010 programs!!!!

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