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Can't click on pictures to enlarge in IE

By gaitedhorse128 ·
I was looking at real estate ads and nothing happens when I click on the links to either enlarge a picture or to see other pictures. When I went into ebay tonight, when I signed into my account, a page popped up that said that my browser was preventing me from being redirected to new URLs. Whats up with that? I haven't changed anything on my PC. This is making me crazy. Thanks.

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That's IE for you

by NI70 In reply to Can't click on pictures t ...

IE is notorious for drive-by spyware, adware, malware and whatever else is out there that will change settings, install trojans, etc. etc. That's why I don't use IE, unless of course web designers are too lazy to test their code on alternative browsers that insist IE. I've been using Mozilla's Firefox since about 2001-02 when it was previously known as Phoenix.

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happy...occasionally power

by vanessaj In reply to Can't click on pictures t ...

glitches can do the same, too. First make certain that you have a UPS - which is so basic I'm certain that you already have that.

Also aknetadmin is right. Go ahead and run your scans et. al., and reboot. If you are still having the issue, it could be that the site placed the larger images in pop-ups rather than a completely different link. Go to Tools > Pop up Blocker Settings and check the "Show Info Bar..." box. This puts a thin line of a notice - that popups are being blocked - at the top of your window, below the toolbars. You can access the pop-ups, which aren't always undesireable, by clicking on that line.

If it's not the pop-ups that are giving you trouble, and the site has put the pictures in their own "page" which is a seperate link altogether, then their could either be an issue with the site, or with your IE functionality. Notify the site admin (there should be a link at the bottom somewhere) and try FireFox by Mozilla. This is a great program. It is a little slower than IE and not all sites show well in it...but it handles 95% or so of sites on the web very well. Easy to download, easy to figure out, and easy to uninstall, if you want.

This site will get you started:

Have fun.

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problems with mozilla too

by gaitedhorse128 In reply to happy...occasionally powe ...

I tried using Mozilla and I'm having the same issues using it as I am with IE. I've done scans with spybot, adaware, and with NAV. Its not just happening with the real estate site, its happening on most sites when I try to click on a link. This is annoying, I'm wondering if I have a weird virus. I really, REALLY don't want to format my hard drive and start over.

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This is what I get when I sign on to ebay:

by gaitedhorse128 In reply to Can't click on pictures t ...

If you are seeing this page, your browser settings prevent you from automatically redirecting to a new URL.

Please click here to continue.

This is why I thought that a setting needs to be changed in my browser. Any thoughts?

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I can't even do a system restore

by gaitedhorse128 In reply to Can't click on pictures t ...

Clicking on search, system restore, and help in XP brings me the same results as clicking on some links on the internet, absolutely nothing. The screen flickers and then nothing new appears. I probably have some sort of virus or malware. My thoughts are to reboot in safe mode and then rerun adaware, spybot, and NAV. I can't remember how to start in safe mode. (Getting older sucks) Thoughts?

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Duh, F8

by gaitedhorse128 In reply to I can't even do a system ...

I booted in safe mode, ran adaware, spybot, and NAV. Adaware found 3 threats. Then I rebooted and ran adaware again for the **** of it and it found two more threats. Went online and same old story. Then I went to to download other spyware programs and when I click to download, it takes me to the screen that says that I finished the download when nothing was downloaded! I tried this several times. Another odd thing is that I can't keep NAV enabled. As soon as I enable it, it becomes disabled almost immediately on its own. Arrrggghh!

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Have you tried a Re-install of IE!

by Jim_P In reply to Can't click on pictures t ...

Have you tried Repair or Re-Install of IE?
I say there is a corrupted dll file or an unregistered DLL file causing your problem.

Kind Regards,

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