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Can't communicate 2000 to 2003 server

By chriswilds ·
I have a 2000 Advanced Server and 2003 Advanced server that I can't establish a Trust on either machine.

Pretty much anything I do on either machine I get "domain unavailable or can't be contacted".

Both are running at Windows 2000 Mixed Mode, both running DNS, both DHCP (their own high/low piece of the same subnet), both on same segment, both can ping each other and so on.

Both have fully qualified domain names, one of which is totally fake, and one of which is an added level to my domain that exists in the real world.

Is having a sub-level of a real-world domain out there killing me off, or is it something else? I haven't figured out yet how to change my 2000 server DNS domain without reinstalling it.

I think I've even plugged in the fake/real world DNS in Hosts with no help there.

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Windows Server 2000 Disc

Someone working for us had an accident last week and trapped a large number of Discs in the safe door. In consequence to this the discs got smashed, such as Windows Server 2003, Windows Advanced Sever 2000 & Windows Server 2000. I was just wondering if you would make me a copy of your windows server disc and post it to me? This is completely legal as I will be using my existing serial number. I am willing to pay the costs to produce the disc and post it. Please can you help?

Please E-mail

Thank you


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