can't connect a new pc to domain

By einjelhartm ·
how can i add new pc to domain server. i'll try to change the name of my pc and put a domain on the member of domain but an error occur.

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Check your DNS

by bart777 In reply to can't connect a new pc to ...

On the PC make sure that the NIC settings are pointing to the domain controller for their DNS resolution.

Also verify that the local firewall is turned off.

Then join the domain again.

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by einjelhartm In reply to Check your DNS

what do u mean nic setting. u mean on the tcp ip i put already a ip add like then then my default dns but can't connect. maybe i'll try to disble the firewall of a new pc ?

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What error are you getting?

by Kenone In reply to NIC SETTING?
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by bart777 In reply to NIC SETTING?

Network Interface Card.

Open the properties of you network neighborhood. Right click on the network card that yiou see there and select properties.

On the General tab find the TCP\IP protocol in the window. Select it and then hit the properties button.

Now you can change the DNS server address to point to your Domain controller.

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Couple of points

by IC-IT In reply to NIC SETTING?

Did you seperatly name and then do the joining after a reboot?

Can you add the computer to AD without adding it to the OU first?

Do you have the correct permissions to do this?

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admin rights

by einjelhartm In reply to Couple of points

what seperately name did u mean from admin ill make an account for the user? i already to that.

where im going to add the computer to server ?

yes i hve a permission cause i use my administrator acc for this . but i dont know why i cant connect but i didn't try to turn off the firewall first maybe i'll try that later... if i can't connect as well i dont know what the problem of this..

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by IC-IT In reply to admin rights

When you name the computer you must reboot, then join it to the domain.
If currently part of a domain, you may rename, disjoin it from the domain, reboot, re-join it and reboot again.

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by Jacky Howe In reply to can't connect a new pc to ...

Operating System is on this PC that you are trying to connect to the Domain.
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What Operating System is on the Server that you are connecting to.
Have you setup DHCP or is it a Static IP that you are useing.
What are the Error Messages that you are getting.

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2000 server

by einjelhartm In reply to What

and the client is xp pro sp2 i already put an ip add on tcpip but still cant connect but i can go to web browser maybe i'll try to turn off first firewall

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What is the IP Address

by Jacky Howe In reply to 2000 server

of your Server that you are trying to connect to and can you ping it.

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You haven't told us what Error messages you are getting.

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