cant connect a router... ;0

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i bought a linksys wireless-g broadband router model no=WRT54G for my computer tower. and i tryed to install it but the cable that plugs into the phoneline in the back of my computer dosent fit it is too big. i tryed to switch some of the wires to my dsl modem and it dident work so i tryed to plug it in to the internet conection in the back of my tower and it is not working there either can someone please please help me!!!

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You will really need

by IC-IT In reply to cant connect a router... ...

to follow the guide that came with the router.
Basically you will disconnect the DSL modem CAT 5 cable from the back of your computer into the Router's WAN port. You will then use the supplied Cat5 cable to run from one of the ports to your computer (same hole you unplugged the modem from.

The rest of the setup will depend on your current configuration and is explained in the manual (or CD) that came with the router.

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A little more detail

by demosthanese In reply to You will really need

bwilmot is right in suggesting you read your manual. This is something that is easier explained w/ pics than words, but ill elaborate a little on his words:

Unplug everything except power from the router, and take any network/phone cables out of the computer.

the phone cable goes from the wall to the modem.

then the cat5 (thats the fat phone cable[actually network cable]) goes from the modem to the wan port on the router. the wan port is the one that is by itself. it may also be labelled internet.

then another cat5 cable goes from one of the other ports on the router to the network port on the computer. (again this looks like a fat phone plug).

use the cd that came with your router to do a quick setup. restart your computer

this next step is a little more complicated but you really need to do it for minimal security: open internet explorer and type in just like that. no www or .com or anything. a password screen will popup. the default password for linksys routers is admin or leave the field blank.

follow the guide that came with your router and turn on your wireless security and change the admin password. This is the easiest way to increase your security and the most common openning among new networks.

hope this helps.

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Hers something to try

by tintoman In reply to cant connect a router... ...

Shall we try to calm things down a bit here?

Ok connect your modem to your phone line or cable connection box whatever your set up is

Connect the supplied ethernet cable from the modem to the WAN port on the WRT54G router.

Connect your computer to the WRT54G on any of the ethernet ports. Voila!
There is no need for any cables from your pc to the phone line
Hope that solves it

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