Can't Connect After Spyware Removal

By dirv9 ·
Hi! A friend brought over his daughter's laptop with the spyware rlvknlg on it. It had taken over the desktop with garbage so you couldn't see to do anything---according to him. I booted it up, and immediately went to task manager and disabled the rlvknlg.exe file, then went into system32 directory and deleted the rlvknlg.exe. After I returned it, he said it couldn't connect to the internet. He has a wireless connection as well as a regular network adapter connection he can use. I booted it up, and received a message that connectivity was not enough to connect to the internet. I also received messages that the wireless card wasn't connected. I've removed and reinserted the wireless card several times, but the situation is the same. I went to network connections, and both the local area connector and the wireless connector have little yellow padlocks at the top right of their icons. I've tried repairing the connections, but receive a message that it can't be done because the ip can't be renewed. I did ipconfig and it gives an apip address. I've tried releasing and renewing to no avail. I've tried setting up new connections, but that didn't work. I even tried hooking it up to my router to connect to the internet, but it still shows an apip address even after releasing and renewing. I then gave it a fixed address with fixed dns addresses, and still it won't connect. The ipconfig at that time showed the addresses I configured. The wireless card does detect another wireless network ( a neighbor's, I guess), but I can't try to connect because that has a security lock on it. When the spyware took over the computer, he couldn't connect because he couldn't see the desktop to click on the short cuts. I didn't think to try and connect when I booted and removed the spyware. What do I try now? Any and all responses will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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