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Cant connect to IE with networked client

By Fred100 ·
I have 3 different clients (2 win98, 1 win2k) on the same network with a win2k server, high speed internet connection & modem, and a webramp 700 router. I have had problems with these clients being able to connect to the internet one day and not thenext. I have researched this far and wide on the net and the only semi-solution has been a corrupt winsock. I have deleted TCP/Ip and reinstalled it along with deleting registry keys and re-extracting the winsock and winsock2.dll. I have had success with one win98 machine but not the other 2. I can ping anywhere on my network, but nowhere on the net either by ip or domain name. I run with static ip's/no dhcp. I did notice though that the router says it is configured for dhcp. The router also says that it has run out of licenses (over 25) although I dont have that many clients. My concern isnt just how to fix the clients but also what the problem might be that is causing this problem to occur more frequently. Is it my network setup, the clients themselves? What causes the winsock to corrupt or is it something further? I know flattening the machine and reinstalling will work, but I dont want to do each client 4 times a year if this problem persists. Thanks in advance.


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DHCP is the way to go

by Cartes In reply to Cant connect to IE with n ...

First, see if when Internet stops working, does it stop working for all the machines? If yes, then probably the webramp is creating problem. If no, then the target machine is the problem.

Does your WebRamp dial out only when a demand is made oris connected for a particular time of day? Check to see if WebRamp is dialing out (or connected) to the net when the clients can't access the net.

All clients should have the Router's IP as the default gateway address. Check to see if that is there.

Lastly, DHCP is the easiest way to maintain multiple client networks. You set up the clients for DHCP and control DHCP through a central configuration.

I would suggest setting WebRamp for DHCP, configure the clients accordingly, and if there is any problem in browsing, then check for the IP settings through "ipconfig /all" or the "winipcfg" (win98se only) command. If everything checks out, then it is at the Router that this problem is occuring.

And, just a check, for pinging into addresses outside the local network, did you ping your nearest point such as your ISP or some other far off site?

I hope the above helps!!!

--- 051hrs on 15/Nov/2002 (+6 GMT)

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