Can't connect to openssh after reboot...?

By browncoatz ·
Can't connect to openssh after reboot...?
same as my question, I'm trying to use my home internet connection with openssh as the server, and putty to connect to it. Port 22 is forwarded with my router, and firewall the same way and all last week it worked. But during the weekend, my sister turned off the pc, and now I can't connect to the server anymore for no reason.
The only explaination I could think of was that Sockspuppet(another server) was using the port number because under services, the startup type is auto. I disabled socks puppet, and rebooted, but I still can't connect to the server. Is there something else that's blocking my connection? Nothing else on that pc was touched besides that. Did that reboot did something?

Update: This was my original post, but I managed to figure out what it was. Unfortunately I can't reference the forum I got the information from, but apparently the software CD that came with the USB Camera I had, had a service that would cancel out every single service instead of just the one used by the software. After uninstalling the Software the server was connected fine.
Plus side, USB Camera didn't need the software to work so Win-Win

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