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Can't Connect to Server by Computer Name

By sohaibkhan77 ·
I can't connect to my server using the server name on, i went into dos and checked if it's pinging it's. I tried the nslookup (server name) that is working and it is giving me the IP address... so DNS is fine as well. I tried to stop the server services running on the workstation and start it up again but same problem is occuring Path name not found. I tried it with Ip address went to run and typed in the ip address same error. Everyone else is connecting fine just this workstation, i logged in as admin account still same problem on workstation.


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by cbcats In reply to Can't Connect to Server b ...

Need more information.

What type of server/ver:
What the workstation OS/ver:
(Some server setting will only only + 2k OS log on. Plus if ur trying connect XP home to server without add software it will fail)
Is it clean PC? (no spyware/etc)
Can it ping DNS name is Cmd:
Does the workstation have firewall/etc install:
If so what type/ver:
How are u connecting to the server?
(Website, domain logged on, etc)

Etc. You need give more information on what ur doing and what ur using.

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by sohaibkhan77 In reply to Can't Connect to Server b ...

windows Server 2003 PDC
workstation XP Professional part of domain.
domain log on, windows service pack 2 firewall turned off.

I haven't checked for spyware yet, but antivirus is installed and updated. Windows is updated as well.

Dns is running on windows server PDC, server is pinging fine ...did nslookup shows the name and the ip address.

I apologize that i didn't put all this info before.

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by curlergirl In reply to Can't Connect to Server b ...

Check/try the following -

1. Is the Windows Firewall turned on? If so, turn it off and try again.

2. Try unjoining the workstation from the domain, delete the computer account from the DC, and then rejoin the domain from the workstation.

3. Check the NIC driver on the workstation and if possible obtain latest up-to-date drivers.

4. Make sure the RPC service is starting up on the workstation. If the RPC service isn't starting, a bunch of other services necessary for network browsing also won't start. If the RPC service isn't starting, email me directly and I'll tell you what further you need to do to fix it.

Hope this helps!

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by sohaibkhan77 In reply to Can't Connect to Server b ...

Yes the firewall i turned it off when i tried next time but still the same error..pathname could not be found.

Yes i'll try to give this a shot and update you guys as to what happened.

Thanks guys for the help, and going out of your way to help out.

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by ICB's corner In reply to Can't Connect to Server b ...

I guess you try to connect with another computer and you have got the same problem.
Could be a TCP problem. Try to do a repair winsock for Windows XP,

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use snap administrator/password

by mkrom In reply to

did you try to connect using the snap server local administrator/password

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You must enable the Netlogon Service

by ehoagland66 In reply to Can't Connect to Server b ...

Go to your firewall settings and enable your Netlogon service.

This should solve your problem.

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