Can't connect to the Internet after reformat HD & install XP

By cwinkler ·
Hi: I am a Mac guy who bought a PC from my friend. It's a Dell Dimension 3100 and I reformatted the HD and installed a fresh copy of XP.

I can't get it to connect to the net. I did find a Intel driver for the network, and I get an error of Code 31, can't load the drivers.

I installed a couple drivers from Dell's website, however, what do I need to do to get this computer to connect to the DSL network it's connected to?

One day these boxes will automatically do it like my Mac, howver, I am clueless, so any help is really appreciated...

Thanks in advance...

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You need a full set of Chipset Drivers ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Can't connect to the Inte ...

These would normally be the 2nd part of a fresh installation, directly after XP has installed and rebooted.

You should download EACH of the available drivers, then install them in turn.

I'm curious - WHY would someone who is clearly so disenfranchised with PCs, introducing himself as 'a MAC guy' - go to the bother of buying a machine he clearly doesn't like ?

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OK since you have so very little experience with Windows

by OH Smeg In reply to Can't connect to the Inte ...

And different Hardware Configurations you need to go here

Left Click on Enter a Tag and when the next Window opens enter the Service Tag off the Dell that you have. This will take you to a List of Drivers that you need for this system. Of course if you used the Dell Recovery Disc that came with this computer it would have loaded just like a Mac and after the primary Install all of the drivers and Software would have been loaded.

This occurs because the Dell Recovery Disc is made just for 1 Collection of Hardware just like the Mac's are. If you use a General Install Disc to install from you have to install the Specialized Drivers after you install Windows as Windows is made for thousands of possible Hardware configurations and not just one or two like Apple make their OS for.

This is the main difference between Apple and Microsoft Products one is made for a small number of Hardware combinations and the other is made for just about everything possible to fit to a computer. PC Parts are also considerably cheaper for the same thing compared to Apple so you pay a Premium to have what Apple Offer.

The main difference between these 2 companies one wants to rule the world by having their Products installed on everything possible and the other wants to rule the world by only offering a proprietary product with a limited hardware range. Both systems work OK provided you can live with them and both fail miserably when you can't. :)


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