cant connect to the internet

By mikeitlaydz ·
Hello Every one, i have a laptop running windows vista my landlore provided me with the wireless network connection,i connect to the internet by connecting to the network that he did setup now i have a desktop computer i connect to the laptop using router i used two cables one i connect desktop to the router using lan port the second cable i connect laptop to wan port after all this i can't run the internet from my desktop please help thank you

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Can you be a tad clearer?

by tcavadias Staff In reply to cant connect to the inter ...

Just to aid our wonderful tech folks in assisting you, can you be a tad clearer?

From what I can gather you are connecting to the Internet with your Laptop (running Vista)through a wireless connection provided by your landlord? So you have no modem of your own? or you do have a modem and router but your landlord just set up the connection for you?

And you are trying to connect to the Internet with your desktop (what OS is that?) by connecting it directly to your laptop and then connecting the laptop to a router?

-Tammy :-)

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Too many connections (if I'M reading this right) ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to cant connect to the inter ...

Power down both the laptop AND the desktop.

Remove BOTH cables from the mix - disconnect both cables (at each end).

Power up the laptop and access the internet - still working?

NOW: - You mentioned a ROUTER, this was not part of the previous setup since you were connecting wirelessly with the laptop. So forget the laptop for the moment.

Connect the desktop computer to the router ONLY. Attempt to connect to the internet through the cable connection.

If you attempt to re-connect using the previous method, you are confusing the logic inside the desktop machine, by presenting it with TWO means of communication at the same time (one cable, one pseudo-wireless) - not a good idea.

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