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Can't connect to

By lscott ·
I recently setup a SMC Barricade wireless g gateway between my
computers and my cable modem. Since I have done this, I have not been
able to connect to any or webservers (using IE6).
Does anybody know why this would be. If I connect my computer
directly to the cable modem I am able to connect.


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by ReWrite In reply to Can't connect to

You don't mention what os you're using or any of your system specs but here's a couple ofplaces to start.

What happpens when you ping the sites while connected through the gateway? You won't get a response back from either one but you should see the ip addresses ( and for com and gov respectively). If you don't get the ip's back then it points toward a dns issue.

Is there any type of site blocking or filtering set up on the gateway?

Are there any other sites you can't reach? It might be an issue of MTU size that the gateway isn't handling.

Post back with a little more detail.



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by lscott In reply to Can't connect to

Here are more details about the problem:

- The operating systems in use are Windows 2000 and Windows XP (the problem occurs under both operating systems).

- I didn't mention that all other sites work on the Internet. Just the and domains don't work.

- My DNS servers are working correctly. the domain name is returning a valid IP address. I also know that the website is up and working since connect to it if I remove the SMC gateway.

- My cable modem provider is Comcast Cable.

- I have researched the MTU setting. I am not 100% sure if I checked it properly, but when I do an MTU ping test using the IP address as the address I ping, I get back 1472+28 = 1500 which is I have read is the default Windows setting.

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