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By pinkice26062 ·
Can some help? This is my home network. I have a robotics 4 port wireless router.I have cable internet connected that I share with 4 computers. 1 wired computer 1 wireless with a access point 1 laptop wireless and 1 wired that I setup for working on computers. I do this for a hobby. this is my problem. every once in a while, when I connect a computer to work on it. most of the time I just have to plug the ethernet plug in and I can access the internet. sometimes I have to reset everything (router, modem). I have this dell now and it was infested with syware and adaware. when I first started, I was able to connect. now I can't. my ip addresses are usually 192.168.123..... but on this computer it always comes up with the subnet even when I manually set the ip. I can ping the router, and all the computers that are connected, but I can't ping outside of that.I've noticed when that ip comes up, I can't get online. I tried the release and renew but that don't work. I connectthis computer directly to the modem and it still stays the same.even when I reset the modem. I have no problems with the other computers. does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks. also I am running xp sp1 on a dell 4550 dimension.

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by sfc_gijoe In reply to can't connect

Your registry entries for the winsock are corrupt. Try running the fix from:

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by LiamE In reply to can't connect

The address tells you that you are not getting a DHCP address. I presume the router is the DHCP device - try and ping it. If you can ping it type ipconfig /release and then ipconfig /renew at the command prompt and then look at your ip address again. If its now 192.168.x.x you should be ready to roll and the problem was just an expired DHCP lease.

If that doesnt work consider giving that PC a static ip address in the same range as the others and dont forget to add the gateway and DNS addresses that the other PC's have.

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by pinkice26062 In reply to

Read question. I used a program call lspfix which is the same as what sfc suggested. That fixed the problem.

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