Can't create child domain/tree in Windows Server 2003 Enterprise Edition

By cjbrx3115 ·

I just recently got Windows Server 2003 EE, and have already setup Active Directory and DNS.

I have tried everything, and it seems to be going great. Client computers (Windows XP Professional and Windows Vista Ultimate) can connect to the domain and login without a problem.

The only thing is, when I try and create a domain child or another tree, it won't let me (on my DC (WS 2003 EE)). When I click RUN > DCPROMO, I only have the option to uninstall Active Directory. Obviously that's not what I want. Does anyone know how I can fix this?


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Another Computer?

by wancona In reply to Can't create child domain ...

I believe you need another server. I'm still in school, but I believe from the way I understand it, you actually need another server computer to connect to the network. Then you run dcpromo from the new server computer to configure as a child domain. dcpromo is the installation and uninstall of active directory. Once you've installed AD, you can only uninstall it with dcpromo on that same computer.

Were you trying to make it a child domain of an existing network? If so, you will have to demote it as a domain controller, (be sure to click the option of last dc in domain (or something similar to that)) then reinstall active directory after making it a child domain. It will give you an option during installation of adding to an existing forest.
Hope this is helpful. If so, please click the helpful button so I can know that I'm actually learning stuff in school.

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Same computer

by cjbrx3115 In reply to Another Computer?

Yeah, I'm trying to add a child domain to an existing domain on the same server computer. It seemed that was how you always did it, because none of the other tutorials I've seen mentioned that I had to have more than one server. Thanks!

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see first answer... another DC...

by CG IT In reply to Can't create child domain ...

dcpromo is to promote [create] or demote a domain controller. Since you are trying to promote [create] or demote an exsiting domain controller, those are the only options available for you.

To create a child domain of a root domain in a forest, you need another domain controller that will handle that child domain.

you also need to configure a zone in DNS for that child domain. Hopefully, you'll pick a FQDN name that is in the contigious namespace as the root domain.

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Got it

by cjbrx3115 In reply to see first answer... anoth ...

Okay, now I get it. Thanks so much for all of your help!!

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