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Can't Create Web Project on Win2K/IIS5

By rawright ·
This is bizarre. I have a Win2K Server with IIS5.0 running. All updates and service packs are installed. The .Net Framework 1.1 and ASP.Net 1.1 SDK have been installed. I can create web projects using the .Net Web Matrix IDE, but my freshly installed Visual Basic.Net 2003 can't create a web project. Event Viewer displays an error, essentially that aspnet_wp.exe doesn't have sufficient rights on the required folders, but it doesn't bother to mention which folders. IIS reports only that an internal error has occurred - no details.

I've searched MSDN and Technet, tried every step suggested. I've set permissions so loose on this machine that the neighbor kids can hack it using a GameBoy and a coathanger antenna. Yet I still get this response from VB.Net. Creating other types of projects causes no problems - VB is working perfectly. IIS is working, too, and runs classic ASP sites without error.

Can anyone suggest a solution? A website with a detailed list of folders and permissions required to author sites using VB.Net would be nice, but that's a lot to ask. Hopefully someone has encountered and solved this same problem.

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by paul In reply to Can't Create Web Project ...

I had a very similar problem. My first solution was to reload IIS5.0 but this DID NOT fix it. There was an unregistered DLL that Visual Basic.Net uses for web server authentication. I can't remember for the life of me what one it was.

Also, check the permissions for the Default web site in Internet Service Manager.

I hope one of these gets it done for you!


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by rawright In reply to

I found references to several .dlls that require registration and registered them all. I've granted full control to every conceivable account on all folders that might be affected and run the aspnet_regiis.exe -i option to reinstall ASP.Net on the server a few times. I've edited the machine.config file to run ASP.Net under the SYSTEM account - not recommended, but I'm desperate. About the only thing left to try is to reinstall everything except IIS, as you've noted that reinstalling IIS didn't help.

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by paul In reply to Can't Create Web Project ...

I may have misread your original post - I thought you'd said you'd tried reinstalling everything else too. I would definitely recommend reinstalling at least the stuff. You could try just reinstalling on top first (preserving some config info) but you may have to ultimately rip it all out first and do a scratch install.

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by rawright In reply to

Rip it out I did, just a few minutes after your first answer. It's possible that, during the original installation, I did things in the wrong order - there's no instructions that are immediately obvious, and no checks done. I didn't bother reinstalling IIS, but I R&R'd the Framework, ASP.Net (the Framework SDK), and VB.Net, in that order. There's still a problem, in that it's not possible to use a URL to specify a site, but using an absolute file path works well enough for development. This would only prevent me from doing site creation on a live server, something I'm not inclined to do anyway.

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by rawright In reply to Can't Create Web Project ...

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