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    Can’t delete short cut


    by uncc ·

    This is unresolved issue for I have published it before and no body get’s a solution. My problem is I could not delete the shorcut of the freeware software I have installed in my PC though the main source is already uninstalled. there is no delete option when u right click the icon in the desktop and there is no source in the properties, I can not even remove using the latest anti-virus if it’s a virus, any ideas ?

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      File Manager

      by jardinier ·

      In reply to Can’t delete short cut

      My best friend, which is in all versions of Windows prior to XP, is File Manager (a carry-over from Windows 3.1).
      Through Explorer, open Windows directory and scroll across till you see an icon called winfile.
      You can drag it onto the desktop for convenience.
      Open the Windows directory in winfile (File Manager) and you will see a sub-directory “desktop,” which lists all the desktop shortcut icons. If you can find your “Gremlin” listed there, delete it and restart your computer.
      Can’t guarantee this will work, but it’s the first thing I would do.

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        Thank you

        by uncc ·

        In reply to File Manager

        Tahnk you Mr. File Manager, but I already format my PC because I was tired of doing how to get rid of it but i diddn’t. Your idea is good , better next time… thanks

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