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    Can’t Delete/Take Screenshots on Mac


    by courageousphoenix ·


    Good morning all,
    I encountered a problem today and was hoping you guys could help me solve it. I am using a 2017 MacBook Pro w/ macOS Catalina fully up to date. I took a screenshot yesterday and now I am done using it, so I am trying to put it in the trash. However, when I try to move it to the trash, it asks me for an administrator’s name and password. This is unusual because I took the screenshot on the login that I am in right now, and am trying to delete it. After entering the admin name & password, it says ‘The operation can’t be completed because you don’t have permission to access some of the items.” The system also isn’t allowing me to take any more screenshots. I can’t upload the ones I currently have to a Google Doc either. Please help me resolve this issue asap, as I have classes throughout the day (virtual) and I need to take screenshots of what the teacher has on her screen to put in my notes.
    Thanks so much.

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      by sophiakaile49 ·

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      You can take screenshot from cmd + shift + 4. It will give you the selection tool to take the screenshot .

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      Screen Shots

      by mrmacfixit ·

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      How did you take the screenshot and where did you choose to save it?

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      by Willjoe24 ·

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      Option + Command (⌘) + Delete: Delete a screenshot permanently without moving it to Trash. Control + Command + 0: Toggle Stack on your Mac. If you wish to select all the screenshots to delete them, you can simply right-click or Control-click on the Screenshots stack

      Hope this helps

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