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Can't Detect New Added Client

By jzean ·
I just added new client to my Windows XP server of course with an XP OS too to my new client. My problem is that... I can't detect this new client but in return it can detect all other PCs in the network. I have already provided an IP addresses needed.
Please I need some advise I'm just a new comer in terms of networking, I am a computer technician working in an internet cafe.
Any helpful tip is very much appreciated...


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by ZombieBot In reply to Can't Detect New Added Cl ...


It may be that your new client is being shielded by the Windows XP Firewall (or any other installed firewall on the client). Try turning off the Firewall on the client and test if your Server can now see it? If that fixes the problem then you will need to change the config of the Firewall on the client (eg create an exception for File and Printer Sharing).

Hope this helps,

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by LiamE In reply to Can't Detect New Added Cl ...

Simply add the name and address of the new client to the host file on the server and make sure allow lmhosts lookup is ticked. That will fix it fast.

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Can't Detect New Added Cl ...

Well firstly XP isn't a Server Application it's at best a Workgroup Server on a Peer to Peer Network and then if you have XP Pro it only supports 10 concurrent connections at one time 5 if you are running XP Home.

Now if you have exceeded this number for your particular product that new computer will never appear while others are running. But if you have less than this number you'll need to run the Network Setup Wizard on the the machine and join it to the network. If you have established a static IP address you can tell the new computer this when you run the Network Setup Wizard and fix it to 1 IP address instead of allowing it to Auto Locate a open IP Address.


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