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    Can’t display CSS documents


    by rebob7 ·

    I’ve downloades Excel tips and get a .css document
    I only get the script displayed, not the document.
    I am running XP Pro SP2.
    I downloaded Windows scripting host 5.6 and ran the reg file and created the c#script dir.
    Opening the css file in notepad gets only the script. How do I make it work?

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      Reply To: Can’t display CSS documents

      by bobho ·

      In reply to Can’t display CSS documents

      If the document you have is a .css document then you simply have a “cascading stylesheet”. This file provides information for other files to use and tells them how to display text and what colors to use. It will look kind of like a script. It does not display any other documents in and of itself.

      I’m not sure what you were trying to download. Was it an example of a css file to use with excel or was it only part of the download you needed? Post back here with more information regarding the website you were downloading from and what you were trying to get.



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      Reply To: Can’t display CSS documents

      by rebob7 ·

      In reply to Can’t display CSS documents

      I see now that there is an htm file for the app notes. If I double cleck on them, they use the css and other files to display the app note.

      The 50_essential_excel_tips_files app note says PDF or Word but is in fact an htm with the support folder containing the css, etc. I would prefer PDF or Word. It would be far less confusing.

      At least now I understand what’s going on.


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