Can't download anything.

So I got a dell optiplex CX110 from my teacher this year. It works alright, yet I can't download anything.. The computer is running on windows 2000. It is one of those school computers.

It seems the computer is running on some kind of school system that disallows a student account from downloading anything. (When I try to download something it says Error 1925 and that I don't have admin privileges)

I told my teacher about this, so she tried giving me the admin account info, but it isn't correct.

If there's any info that is needed, please ask!
Thank you! :)

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by ---TK--- In reply to Can't download anything.

but TR does not assist with breaking into computers, passwd breaking, or changing GPO policies.

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Nope - you've got a system that is fit for purpose ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Can't download anything.

That purpose is for you to use it for your studies. That's what it was issued for.

What you want to be downloading anything for, is between you and your place of edumufication. :)

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if you believe you have rights to download

by .Martin. In reply to Can't download anything.

then you would have to talk to the administrator/tech department of your school, and they, may or may not be able to help you depending upon policies.

as a policy of the website, we do not help people 'get past' security systems installed on their computers.

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