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Can't download .pdfs with windows 7

By Amy.Mikhail ·

I recently bought a new PC which has windows 7 on it. I had been using windows xp on my old PC, and had never used windows vista because of the reported problems / dissatisfaction with same. Since using windows 7, I have only had two problems:

(a) not being able to set my folder view the way I wanted it (clicking the appropriate option did nothing) but happily a colleague found a fix for this one.

(b) not being able to download .pdfs from websites (I usually use Mozilla Firefox as a browser, but have also tried on Opera and Internet explorer (8 I think) - same problem).

I am stumped with (b) - sometimes if I go back and click the link again I'm able to download the second time, but most of the time it does not matter how much I try - no joy.

Clicking on such links brings up a little dialogue box that says "Adobe" and an "ok" button - I click the button, it looks like the document is loading (progress bar, etc), I sometimes even see a flash of text for a second, then nothing - bottom left corner of my screen says "done" and I have a completely blank tab to look at. Doing a refresh does nothing.

Any ideas? Unfortunately I have no idea what the difference is between the few times I'm able to download, and most of the time (when I can't).

Many thanks...

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I have a theory

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Can't download .pdfs with ...

I suspect the links you are clicking are not designed to download the .PDF file. Instead, they are trying to open the .PDF file in your web browser using a .PDF viewer program.

Since this is a new computer, have you installed a .PDF viewer program? If you haven't, your computer (and your web browsers) don't know what program to use to display .PDF files. You can download many .PDF viewers for free. The most commonly used one is Acrobat Reader, available for download at:

Download it, close your web browser, and install it. Your computer (and web browsers) will now know what program to use to display .PDF files, and when you click a link to one it should open in your web browser. From there you can save a copy of the file if you wish.

By the way, if you wish to ask technical questions in the future, please use the 'Ask a Question' button, not the 'Start a Discussion' one.

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Half right ...

by Amy.Mikhail In reply to I have a theory

Thanks - I think you are part right in that the links are not to the file itself. However, I already have Adobe reader 9 installed on my computer, so shouldn't my browser(s) automatically use that to open .pdf files?

Or are there some settings I have to adjust to make them recognise it?

Thanks for the tip re: the "ask a question" and "start a discussion" buttons, I wasn't sure what the difference was between them.

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