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Cant figure out what the problem is :S

By wtkaic ·
Last year my PC (PIII,Scenic 800, Siemens-Fujitsu)crashed and I took it to some repair dpt and they said the motherboard was dead and better buy a new one (which I did). So a friend of mine needs a new PC and I thought I would exchange the motherboard and here we go. I bought the same motherboard at Ebay for 20 but the problem is still there.
At the time I switch it on, the usual beeps can not be heard and the monitor doesnt go on (light indicator stays orange. It can be heard that it finds the CD/diskette drives but thats all. Could it be that either the motherboard I bought is also dead, or the graphic card or the processor or the hard disk?
I would really appreciate your help.


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by willcomp In reply to Cant figure out what the ...

Troubleshooting the old "dead" PC. Although could be any number of things, I would first swap out power supply and memory. If you don't have any spare RAM, at least clean contacts using a pencil eraser.

Is green light on case lit when powered up? Any beeps?


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by Keith Hailey In reply to Cant figure out what the ...

first,Remove the power cord(Safty first)

Make sure cables from the power supply to the mother board are seated correctly. If you see any fuse holders, check the fuses.(probably OK since you hear disks)

Use ESD precautions (ground yourself, at least by touching the case before handling chips)

Remove all of your cards And RAM modules.

Remove your Processor, Inspect the pins to make sure none have been bent. If so, you May Be able to carefully straighten them(delicate touch).

Get a flashlight and magnifying glass and visually inspect the area around the socket for scrathes in the printed circuitry or cracks in the mother board itself leaving an open circuit.

Look for anything that may be shorting any of the "legs" of any of the chips or in any of the Card and RAM slots (stray solder, loose screw, Staples, corrosion(rust of a different color, it'll short chips in a heartbeat but is easily removed).

Make sure any jumpers are set correctly.
If the board came with the spec sheets, they should be listed there.
If Not look on the board itself to find the manufacturers name, model number, serial number and Do a search on the WEB. You may be able to find a PDF copy of the original Manual online.
Make sure all jumpers are there (tiny, usually black used to short the pins, and extremely easy to lose) and that the volages are set right, multipliers, or whatever the manual has listed for the board/Processor combo.

Replace your Processor, Ram, and Video card only.
Look close and make sure both ends are seated well, especially the RAM.

disonnect all Drive cables.

Hook up the monitor and keyboard,Power cord, power up and see if you get your beeps and bios or anything on the screen.

If SO, Add ingredients until Problem reoccurs.(Floppy, then HD, then CD, then other cards)

If Not, Try it with the other board, unless you can come up with spare parts to trouble shoot with
(video card, RAM, Processor)

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