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    Can’t fill out a PDF file…..HELP!


    by jshtcm213 ·

    How do you fill out a PDF file electronically. I dont want to have to print it out and do it by hand. Adobe says to check the security settings in documents properties and make sure editing and fillin in fields is allowed. Once that is verified, all your “supposed” to do is pick the hand selector tool. It still doesnt work. Can someone please guide me on how to make this work. I need to be able to fill out PDF forms electronically. Keep in mind this is a Arobat 7 Professional, fully licensed. Thanks so much

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      Reply To: Can’t fill out a PDF file…..HELP!

      by master3bs ·

      In reply to Can’t fill out a PDF file…..HELP!

      The form fields on the document may need to be manipulated:

      Be sure acrobat is fully updated as well.

      Hope that helps; I admit it is a long shot.

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        Touchup text tool or text editing tool

        by rogerrr88 ·

        In reply to Reply To: Can’t fill out a PDF file…..HELP!

        The Acorbat standard 8’s Touchup text tool is most Acrobat users favourite tool to add text to pdf file. It’s really helpful.

        But I prefer to use a pdf editing tool to type on PDF file, it’s very smooth that you can repalce PDF text, add, delete and edit.
        Actually it’s also a feasible method to turn pdf into word document for filling out a pdf form. Many times I use a pdf to doc converter to do so.

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      Reply To: Can’t fill out a PDF file…..HELP!

      by popstac ·

      In reply to Can’t fill out a PDF file…..HELP!

      Try While there are standalone PDF fillers, I really liked the convenience of
      PDF Filler. No fuss. No muss. No software to install.

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        Not a fan of

        by doylepirish ·

        In reply to Reply To: Can’t fill out a PDF file…..HELP!

        This site does not mention the fee up front. After you upload your document, after you edit your document, then after you select print, then after you create an account……. THEN they tell you there is a fee, and the fee is quite a bit too. That is deceptive in my book, and wasted my time, and damaged their reputation.

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      Why not convert your PDF file to Word for easier edit?

      by stephenmurphy18 ·

      In reply to Can’t fill out a PDF file…..HELP!

      There is some professional software like Adobe Acrobat to edit PDFs directly but their prices are extremely high and operating is so complicated.

      Why not use a converter to convert PDF to word for easier editing? I always convert PDF files to editable word format with AnyBizSoft PDF to Word Converter and edit them if necessary. From my long time experience of searching and testing, this tool supports encrypted files, batch conversion and preserves text, layouts, images and hyperlinks well.

      After you edit it, you can use some free PDF creator to save word as PDF format if necessary.

      You all can have a free trial and sincerely hope they can do you some favor.

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      edit it with tool

      by vigorkkk ·

      In reply to Can’t fill out a PDF file…..HELP!

      i think you can directly fill in the pdf form filed with a smart PDF editor which will detect the field and allows you to type text on it.
      I have ever been stuck with this scenario, but now it can be easily not by hand to do so.
      I also find a precise tutorial about how to fill out pdf forms with it.

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      convert pdf to word

      by fiona8912 ·

      In reply to Can’t fill out a PDF file…..HELP!

      use a good pdf to word converter, then you will type on it easily and conviniently.

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        pdf converter even for encrypted pdf files

        by fiona8912 ·

        In reply to convert pdf to word

        Turn a pdf into a word doc with a professional pdf to word converter which will even remove permission password while the processing if necessary. With well preserve all the tables, text, layout and so on.

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      Try PDF Converter

      by velveteen ·

      In reply to Can’t fill out a PDF file…..HELP!

      Nemo PDF Converter is good at converting encrypted PDF files.It also preserves text, layouts, images and hyperlinks accurately. After all, it is very simple to use.

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      by techwatch ·

      In reply to Can’t fill out a PDF file…..HELP!

      I got Nemo to convert the PDF to a word doc
      but it does not allow me to fill in the form. ; (

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        A solution!

        by z_a_double_k ·

        In reply to nemo

        OK, so I just went through all of these problems on the page trying to fill out an employment application and I have found a work-around.

        Here is what I did to get my PDF filled out electronically…..

        I used to fill the form out. Saved the form, registered an account, etc.

        Next I then downloaded the version with the “Free” account, so it has a watermark at the top saying “Made with” (i can live with that).

        So download your completed form from FillAnyPDF and it should end up being a weird file, but safe, and openable buy Adobe. But who wants to send a “weird” file to an employer, if it isnt in direct .pdf form, right?

        Well go download yourself a pdf writer such as

        download and install that.

        How that works is as a digital printer.

        so once that is installed. open your “weird” file from fillanypdf in adobe again.

        go to print. choose CutePDFwriter as your printer and it will just save that file as an actual PDF.

        Hope this helps. Solved my problems.

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