Cant find Audio driver

By mr_t_wright ·
AC97 Enhanced Audio Controller. I went to and used the code given to me by device manager DEV_3059
and I go to the site and i cant find the driver. None of the sites offer a download that I can see. Anyone know where i can find?

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Do a google for

by Jacky Howe In reply to Cant find Audio driver

driver AC97 Enhanced Audio Controller
Realtek, VIA ?

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Any feedback (nt)

by Jacky Howe In reply to Is this for the 1535
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Knowing the Make of the M'Board here would help no end

by OH Smeg In reply to Cant find Audio driver

But if you just want the generic AC97 Enhanced Driver you can download it from here

Although if the maker has used any spacial features of the Realtech Audio Chip Set you should use their driver.


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Windows should nativly understand AC97 audio

by Slayer_ In reply to Cant find Audio driver

It should be built into XP, or you can try a "sound blaster compatible" one, those usually work as well. It won't give you the features, but it should give you sound.

Otherwise, just Google for the driver.

But personally I'd just let Windows install what it finds and let it search "Windows Update" for the drivers. It should find something.

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You only use Restore Disc's don't you?

by OH Smeg In reply to Windows should nativly un ...

M$ OEM Disc's do not support Realtech Sound Devices as Realtech doesn't submit their Drivers for Digital Signing.

Unlike Sound Blaster which does and M$ includes support for with their OEM Install Disc's.

Of course you know which is the most commonly used Audio Device in Computers now days and it's not Sound Blaster.


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I installed a system fresh yesterday :)

by Slayer_ In reply to You only use Restore Disc ...

He had Via AC97 audio, it auto detected it just fine. Of course I upgraded the audio drivers, but still, it had audio right from the start.

Really the biggest ***** of the install is XP itself and Sata drivers lol.

Also, it was a sad day when integrated sound took over. Further examples of the Ipod generation and their addiction to shitty sound. I frankly can't stand integrated sound, its always littered with CPU feedback! Always crackles under load, drags your system framerates down, never mixes audio streams together properly.

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OH please don't get me started with On Board Sound

by OH Smeg In reply to I installed a system fres ...

From my prospective the only thing that should be On Board is a Decent SCSI Controller and even that is a marginal call.

But with the modern M'Boards with very little expansion capacity we are sort of stuck between a rock and a Hard place. If it don't come On Board it's very unlikely that we'll be able to fit enough Daughter Cards to get the thing to work the way that we require it to. As the systems that I build and use are not Sound Critical the On Board Sound is the lest painful option but it's still a poor option.

The only Realtech Drivers that are supported by M$ sort of are the 64 Bit ones the 32 Bit ones either need to be slipstreamed tot eh Install Disc or installed prior to connecting to the Windows Update Servers as once WGA is installed when those first 2 downloads are applied Windows will not have a working AC97 system in place.

Been that way for a very long time now and is part of the reason why I build my own Slipstream Install Disc's for all my systems.


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One of the first big time noticable differences i had found was...

by Slayer_ In reply to OH please don't get me st ...

On a SNES emulator, with the AC97 audio, I had to set to 40-50ms buffer time. THATS A LONG TIME!

On my soundblaster, i edited the config so it was down to 2ms and its still smooth. And of course, perfectly in sync.

Down side is of course that I have my speakers set up to 4 speaker stereo, with the front smaller speakers considered the "center" speakers. That works fine for stereo inputs, but when something, usually a game, tries to invoke hardware mode, it finds out its surround sound and tries to use all four speakers. That sounds fine, except what it does is assumes the far speakers are rear speakers. Even this you wouldn't think was a problem, unless you saw my side speakers....



So anything that goes to the rear speakers, is FRICKEN LOUD. Usually games move Menu sounds and explosive sound effects to rear speakers. OW! Assasins Creed was especially bad for this, everything was super quiet, except when people did their agonizing death scream, that was crazy loud out those speakers!

Ironically, that Horn is now sitting ontop of my replacement server lol. The machine on the far left is the one I am trying to revive. The one on the desk on the right is the one that makes funny sounds. This picture was taken about a year ago.

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You know that you have a problem

by OH Smeg In reply to One of the first big time ...

When the Police break your door in looking for the person firing the Firearm when you are playing Quake.

Apparently someone reported Gun Shots to the Police and when they showed up they not only heard the shots but Die You ******* being called out to the screen. The sound wasn't that loud but the design of the house and the one next door sort of Amplified the noise onto the street. The Cops really didn't believe that the sound was as low as it was till one of them on the street started complaining while the one inside was saying No It's not Loud!

The computer was moved after that for fairly obvious reasons.


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