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Can't find L2 cacahe

By kcav ·
Could not find L2 cache in the Registry. Looked under: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControllerSet\Control\SessionManager\Memory_Management

Did I look in the wrong place? Why isn?t it there? How is L2 cache created? What should I do?

CPU Type Intel Pentium II, 400 MHz (4 x 100)
Operating System Microsoft Windows 2000,SP4

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by TheChas In reply to Can't find L2 cacahe

L2 Cache is special memory on the CPU.

Per the Intel PII specification, most PII's have 512K of L2 Cache. To verify the amount of L2 Cache, you can run the CPUID utility which retrieves the value of the Cache:

"For the Pentium? II processor, the unified L2 cache size corresponds to the value in bits [3:0] of the EDX register after
the CPUID instruction is executed with a 2 in the EAX register. Other Intel microprocessor models or families may
move this information to other bit positions or otherwise reformat the result returned by this instruction; generic code
should parse the resulting token stream according to the definition of the CPUID instruction."

In order to use the L2 Cache, Cache MUST be enabled in BIOS settings.

I found a ton of Cache references in my XP registry. But none for L2 Cache.


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by kcav In reply to
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by johnj In reply to Can't find L2 cacahe

You cannot create L2 cache, or even access it normally. It is used automatically by the processor, as long you specify its use in the BIOS settings. As far as I know, Windows cannot access L2 cache, as it is not RAM.

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by kcav In reply to
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by kcav In reply to Can't find L2 cacahe

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