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can't find modem

By raydaniels ·
I have a Dell comp that I can't get online with. The modem is installed properly and query's ok and the proper remotes r running in services. My os is xp home. everything checks out but when i try to configure a connection it can't find the modem.
Thank you Ray

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by dmiles In reply to can't find modem

Most likely you the modem drivers are not installed properly or the drivers are not for the operating system you are using

If you hae the software disc,then you can proceed to re-install the modem,but first uninstall the modem software before starting over,install the modem manually thru the add hardware wizard.

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by Srikrishna In reply to can't find modem

check the modem installed properly in Device Mgr. Then check the services telephony/network connections started and running under computer mgmt.

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by zlitocook In reply to can't find modem

Try using your dialer if it is insalled. Go to start, programs, accessories, communications, phone dialer. And dial in a cell phone or some other number you can check to see if it dialed it. Most modems will pass a general check but you need to call a line that works to be sure that it works. There are other programs that you can use if installed like hyper termianl to see if your modem works.

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by kokwee_1867 In reply to can't find modem

Hi.. Try to attach it on other PCI slot. Before doing that, make sure you has uninstalled the previous driver. Good Luck :)

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by cnwoods In reply to can't find modem

I had this as soon as I upgraded to 2000sp3, but I hear it's common on xp as well. The issue is with pci modems, (eg conexant hcf or hsf) which run their connection through software, rather than a physical port. Both these os's then have trouble, and tend to install their own drivers which stuff things up well and truly. There's a kb article on it at microsoft, but it only mentions HP PCs as having the issue (mine isn't, nor several of the friends who've also had it).
It's a long workaround, but you need to uninstall the modem, move the .inf files out of your windows folder (so it doesn't detect and reinstall the bad one. I'd suggest zipping so they arent accessible but are easy to restore later) then add/remove hardware, using 'have disk' and pointing to where you've saved your downloaded driver (which you get from the manufacturer's site).

If that's too hard, hooking up an external modem also gets around it. For further info see

Good luck,

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by raydaniels In reply to can't find modem

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