Can't find motherboard specs.

By len.piko ·
I am working on a old custom-built computer running WinXP and only 256 MB ram. I want to upgrade this memory with PC133 SDRAM. The memory chips in it now are 1) 128 PC100 and 2) 128 PC133. I installed 2X PC133 256MB pieces into this system. The system only recognizes a total ram memory of 231MB. I swapped the chips back and forth in each slot with the same total ram of 231MB. The motherboard ID is: I810-ITE8712-6A69ME1CC-0. I can't find the specs. for this board. I would like to know the ram capacity to find out why it will not recognize the the two new chips of PC133 SDRAM that I'm trying to upgrade to.
Any help with this issue will be appreciated.

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Can you find the OEM name on the board?

by seanferd In reply to Can't find motherboard sp ...

Or in the BIOS? Try searching the BIOS string, as your board ID brings up all sorts of unrelated boards. It might also help tho know what socket the board has, if you can ID it from the socket or which CPU is sitting in it.

Right now, I'm finding anything from ECS to PC Chips, and unable to narrow it down.

edit: the memory situation is odd, as it doesn't even conform to 2 128M sticks with half of one off due to failure.

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RAM Density

by TheChas In reply to Can't find motherboard sp ...

It sounds like 2 things here.

First, the motherboard needs low density RAM. You will need to find older DIMMs that have twice as many chips on them as the DIMMs you installed.

Second, I presume that this motherboard has on-board video. On board video uses part of the system RAM for the video.


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Ah. Enlightening. :-bd

by seanferd In reply to RAM Density

And I forgot about onboard video. Thanks.

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Intel 810 Chip-Set

by TheChas In reply to Can't find motherboard sp ...

I was able to cross verify that this motherboard is based on the Intel I810 chip-set.

Therefore, it has a socket 370 Celeron or Pentium III CPU.

According to the Intel data sheet for the 810 chip-set:

Integrated DRAM Controller
8 MB to 256 MB using 16Mb/64Mb technology
(512 MB using 128Mb technology)
Supports up to 2 double sided DIMM modules
64-bit data interface
100MHz system memory bus frequency
Support for Asymmetrical DRAM addressing only
Support for x8, x16 and x32 DRAM device width

Therefore, you need to find some old technology double sided PC100 SDRAM DIMMs with either 256 or 512 MB of memory per DIMM.

You should also limit yourself to either Celeron CPUs, or PIII with 100 MHz front side bus specifications.


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Just to add to what the Chas has posted above

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Intel 810 Chip-Set

Some of these Old Intel i810 Chip Set M'Boards are made so that they only accept Celeron CPU's they Do Not run with a Pentium CPU installed.

I've only ever seen this behavior on unnamed M'Boards and then only once but that particular M'Board would only accept Celeron CPU's. It also required Low Density RAM.


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Can't find motherboard specs.

by len.piko In reply to Just to add to what the C ...

Thanks for your reply. The ram that I installed is Low Density.

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