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Can't find simple definitions

By Linn47 ·
I've been reading the emails from TechRepublic about PC refreshes, vs. upgrades.

Alas, I just don't know the definition of either one in relation to the other. And all I can google up are definitions about refreshing dynamic RAM, monitors, web pages, etc.

I've performed dozens of reformats, and I think perhaps I just did a "Bare Metal Upgrade" when I got a new mobo and processor, and then migrated all my other old hardware onto it.

But I've never heard either of these terms, and wonder how I managed to get myself certified without knowing what these things mean.

Any help with definitions would be greatly appreciated.


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by CharlieSpencer In reply to Can't find simple definit ...

a 'refresh' is a replacement of multiple computers. You'll hear companies talk about being on a 'three year refreshment cycle', meaning they replace systems every third year. (Usually these are staggered, replacing one-third of the systems every year.)

An upgrade can also mean the same thing (replacing older hardware with new), but it's usually reserved for single systems. It can also mean upgrading the software or selected hardware components on the existing system. "I just upgraded the boss from Windows Vista system to Windows 7, and upgraded his RAM from 2 gigabytes to 4."

The term 'update', by the way, is almost exclusive used to refer to software. It's reserved for patches or service packs to an existing software version. Installing a new version would be considered an upgrade, not an update.

Or not...

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IS that all...?

by Linn47 In reply to Generally,

I thought it might be something like that, but the term "Refresh" is so....benign, for such a large and expensive undertaking.

Now I assume a "Bare metal upgrade" would be upgrading the processor, RAM, etc.


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