Can't Format My USB Flash Drive? please help!

By roberto_domingo2003 ·
computer can't detect my flash drive..once you open the properties of flash drive zero capacity(used space: 0 Free space 0)no file system, and can't format.... computer said insert disk once you click format.
my flashdrive is new i used it only 10 days.. do you think there are remedies or ways to fix my flash drive.. please HELP me!

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Safely Remove method? ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Can't Format My USB Flash ...

Do you use it?

If you don't and just pull the flash drive out of the PC you can damage the partitioned area inside the flash drive, rendering the File Allocation Table (FAT) useless.

If it appears as an entry within Disk Management (right click 'My Computer' > click on Manage > find 'Disk Management in the left-hand column and click it) then you might be able to format it from there.

If not, try it in another computer. If you still cannot access it, chances are it died.

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Also, a double post

by seanferd In reply to Safely Remove method? ...


I got this in a PM, and I don't answer them anymore, especially from members who don't have them allowed in their own profile:

<i>my flash drive is new..
when i insert it to the other computer and
restart the computer without removing it. my flashdrive can't read, no volume, zero memory, can't format now..
when i insert now my flash drive in my computer it shown the icon of flash drive. when you see the properties of flash drive zero memory and can't format. computer said "There is no disk in G:" Do you think there's a possible way to use or fix it?
Actually i have 4 flash drive that same problem...</i>

Which suggests to me that Safely Remove is not being used. Or maybe he was ripped-off, if they never worked even once.

Didn't answer all of my questions, so I cannot answer his.

What exact make and model number flash drive? (Importantly, is it a plain memory stick, or does it have software or buttons, etc.) What exact operating system are you using?

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There you go asking for trivial data

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Also, a double post

With some weak excuse that you need it to help the OP answer their question and solve their problem.

Don;t you know that would mean that the OP has to think? :0

Now just go and get your Crystal Ball and plug it into that SCSI Interface and you'll know everything required and be able to answer the question.

Unfortunately I dropped & Broke my Crystal Ball a couple of years ago and my new M'Board doesn't have a SCSI interface any longer so I'm unable to help you here other then to tell you to do what you know needs doing.


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