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Can't Get a Comp to join a domain

By vlklwood ·
I am trying to join a W2K computer to an existing domain that I have set up in my house. I'm taking the Microsoft classes for MCSE and I have followed all of the steps in the W2K Server book. This comp is presently a member of the workgroup that Ioriginally had set up. Last evening I promoted my other computer to a D.C. and DNS server and set up the correct IP address for both computers. When I click on the radio button for "Domain" and add the name of my domain and enter the administrator name and password, I get an error stating that "The interface is unknown". That's it, no other error messagess, but it will not let that comp join the domain. Both comps (the DC and the other one) are running the 120 day trial version of W2K serversoftware. Any ideas??????

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good possibility

by cul8rm8e In reply to Can't Get a Comp to join ...

i think if i can rem that when your trying to connect to your domain you havent specified your D.C ID,for eg: if your domain is (local) and your DC ID(pc name) was say myserver then when you want to join your domain your domain would look like myserver.local or myserver\local (not just local as your domain name ) if this is the rod you have gone down then i suggest you check configuration in Active Directory and make sure your win 2k has access to the domain, i hope this helps you ,and i hope my memory has served me ok, if you stil have problems get back to me and i will see if i can guide you with any other posibility`s!

good luck :)

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TCP/IP my friend

by LordInfidel In reply to Can't Get a Comp to join ...

Make sure that TCP/IP is setup correctly on both machines.

Ping the DC from the system that you are trying to join into the domain.

If you can't ping the DC then that is your problem.

I don't know of any networking restrictions on the 120 day trial.

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by vlklwood In reply to TCP/IP my friend

Thank you for the suggestion. That was one of the first things that I did after I got the error message. I'm using a non-routeable set of numbers for the IP address and it is working just fine. Don't know if you read the other response to my question, or not, but I also tried that idea too. Same response. I am going to probably just re-installed the OS and see if that does the trick. Right now I don't have a lot of time to be spending on it as I am studying for the 70-210 Test on Fri the 14th. Once again thanks for the suggestion.

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are you running DHCP

by cul8rm8e In reply to TCP/IP OK

try config of DHCP and set a scope for your LAN,try leasing (permanent ) ip for your other machine, im curious as to whether this will solve it if it does get back to me

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