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Can't get laptop on the net over a LAN

By wellmax1.maxwell ·
Hi All,
I have just got a dell latitude laptop and finish configuring it to hand over to my boss but one problem.I can't get it to connect to the internet over a LAN.I am sure my settings are correct as i configure these all the time.but its the first time am configuring a laptop with xp pro,i have done it with win 2000 pro and xp pro on desktop.

my configuration is as follows:
1.assign ip automatically
2.preferred dns.205.215.1**.200 (isp)
3.ip settings (gateway)
4.append primary connection & specifc dns suffixs (tick)
5.append parent suffixs of the primary dns suffix (tick)
I also edit this file (c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc. and add ip and domain.

this is what i will normally do on ibm & dell desktop with no problem but for some reasons this dell laptop is gaving me the display page.

please help

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by p.j.hutchison In reply to Can't get laptop on the ...

Check Internet Explorer settings. Do you use a proxy server? Try disabling option in LAN Settings under Connections for 'Detect settings'

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by sgt_shultz In reply to Can't get laptop on the ...

type Start/run command <enter> then ipconfig <enter> try ipconfig /release then /renew
what do you get?
do you have a link light.
do you have more than one nic adapter in the laptop. which adapter are you using?
can you ping, gateway, dns server,
can you get to website with ip address numbers not name)

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by razz2 In reply to Can't get laptop on the ...

Your ip's are public. That is the DNS and firewall. Are those the
WAN side of the firewall? I would guess that the LAN side is a
private subnet but maybe you are using public on purpose.
Inside the LAN side of the firwall are these number correct? If
you are using public numbers and the laptop is set to DHCP then
it getting an ip on the same subnet?

Is the network card installed properly and getting an address?

Do what SGT shultz said and try and ipconfig /release then
ipconfig /renew.

Do an ipconfig /all and tell use the results (without sharing your
public ip's).

If the subnet is correct then try to ping another host on the LAN.
Then try the gateway and DNS servers. Check the HOSTS file for
bad entries as if the laptop was ever infected with spyware,
some ad entries into the this file.

Let us know your results and we will see what else we can do.

Good Luck,


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by lmayeda In reply to Can't get laptop on the ...

The default configuration for XPs has it's firewall enabled. You may want to disable it to see if that is your issue (Start, Control Panel, Network Connections, Windows Firewall). On my first XP setup, I had problems seeing the rest of the LAN until I disabled the firewall.

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