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Can't get Laptop to boot.

By andy ·
Okay, I have a problem that I've been working on for about 2 weeks now for a friend at work, and still can't manage to solve. He legitimately *acquired* a second hand ex-company laptop a while ago, and decided that he wanted to upgrade it to Windows XP. He tried and it wouldn't have it. He then gave it to me to have a look at. The laptop doesn't have any floppy drive or CD drive built in. Although he does have a PCMCIA CD Rom drive and a USB Floppy drive.

This is the current state of the laptop. You turn it on and it then goes directly to a bios password, I then type 'letmein' and it starts to boot, he he.then it won't go any further because of his failed XP install.

I then decided the easiest way to get windows onto the laptop would be to remove the Hard Drive from the laptop and rig it up to my desktop machine with an IDE to LAPTOP converter cable. I did this and it worked a treat, I managed to install Windows 2000 Pro on it, and it installed and booted fine on my desktop PC.

I then replaced the hard drive back into the laptop and started it up and that's where I am now. It starts as normal and goes through the whole bios password thing which is okay, It then goes through POST, and all the various boot sequences untill it gets to the Windows 2000 Pro progress bar at the bottom of the screen. The bar goes all the way across then just hangs there and won't go any further. Any ideas people. Remember I only have access to a CD rom drive, no floppy drive. I do how ever have a windows XP boot CD that boots into a dos environment if that helps. Also I can't seem to disable the bios password. The laptop is a Toshiba.

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by mosaddeq In reply to Can't get Laptop to boot.

When you installed win200 on it attaching to your desktop it was installed according to your desktop configuration. It won't work on your laptop. You need to OS attaching it's HDD in it's own system.

Set BIOS to boot from CD-ROM. Now Use your Windows XP boot CD to boot from it and install the OS.

You can RESET CMOS (BIOS information) by removing the bios battery and attaching it again.

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by andy In reply to Can't get Laptop to boot.

I forgto to mention that I tried installing the the OS via the PCMCIA CD drive but it gets so far then stops. I get a blue warning screen saying that it can't continue.

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by wbf In reply to Can't get Laptop to boot.

a possible option also is to booth from your xp disk it will load to a point where you get an option to use the recovery console,you should come to a blue screen with an option to choose R choose it and choose a number that represents your hdisk brings you to a black screen type chkdisk,also there is booth building utility called boothcfg have a look at that,all these options have help screens within if you type help it will give you tips on what each one does,may help

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Can't get Laptop to boot.

OK as this is obviously an older NB it's more than likely that there is a Hardware Conflict that is preventing the installation of XP.

What you'll need to do is install the same version of Windows that it had installed previously. If that was 2000 Pro you'll need to perform that installation while the HDD IS IN the NB as you are installing the various drivers required by the M'Board and everything else connected to the NB.

If you can not get the NB to boot from the external CD ROM you can use your computer to copy the contents of the Install CD to the HDD and then install from the HDD once that drive has been returned to the NB. After you have everything installed and working properly you can then remove the Windows Install files to free up HDD space.


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by ozi Eagle In reply to Can't get Laptop to boot.

If you still have the W2K OS installed,then you could try this to get it to work in the NB.

Re-install the HDD in your desktop and boot up from it.
Now right click on My Computer, select PROPERTIES - HARDWARE - DEVICE MANAGER.
Delete all the drivers you can in the SYSTEM DEVICES.
Don't re boot when you are prompted. Some drivers won't allow you to delete them, that's OK.
When you have deleted as many as you can turn off the computer and install the HDD in the NB and turn on. With a bit of luck W2K will boot in a basic default mode and re-load its drivers for the NB. It might be an idea to follow Col's advice and copy the installation CD to the HDD whilst you have it in your desktop, before installing in the notebook.

Good Luck.

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by electricdragon In reply to Can't get Laptop to boot.

You said "Upgrade to XP", so I'm guessing the NB was running '98, NT or ME? go into the bios and check to see how much RAM is installed. If the NB was running an earlier OS, it may well not have enough ram to run XP, or 2000. The fact that it hangs before giving you a "New hardware found" message makes this my guess, although if the NB is old enough, it could be the video too, but I doubt it. Here is a link to MS XP minimum req, see if the NB can handle it.


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