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Can't get Outlook 2003 deployed with contacts in listed in dropdown box.

By truwarrior22 ·
Can't get Outlook 2003 to deployed with contacts in listed in dropdown box when clicing TO:. I'm using a MST file to deploy Outlook 2003, but I can't find an option to list the contacts in the downdown box when trying to send a email. There is just Global listed and the rest of the defaults. How can I deploy Outlook with having the contacts listed?! Thanks in advancedm, becuase this one is killing me!!!

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Same here

by mortond In reply to Can't get Outlook 2003 de ...

Having the same problem, using mst and prf files to align logged on user with mailbox, contacts are listed in navigation pane but not available when to is selected, show names from the All Contacts list is chosen. Would appreciate a pointer from soneone who has nailed this one.
Denis -

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by michaeldeanhall In reply to Can't get Outlook 2003 de ...

On the client machine - right click on the outlook icon and select properties (or go to control panel and open 'mail').. Open up email accounts and select 'view or change existing directories', hit next. Hit the add button, select 'Additional Address Books', select 'Outlook Address Book' and hit next. Now open up outlook and if this has not done it there is one more thing you need to do. Select contacts (from the shortcut menu on the left), right click on contacts (under my contacts) and select properties. Navigate to the Outlook Address Book tab and check the 'show this folder as an email address book' select apply then okay, close outlook, re-open it and you're done.

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Is there a solution that can be done via registry?

by ryakel In reply to solution

Without visiting client machine, is there a registry entry or some other way of fixing this...because afer all, I created the mst package so I wouldnt have to visit desktops...

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Solution for 2007?

by l.gardiner In reply to solution

Having the same issue with Outlook 2007, only the Address Books are listed as normal under the OAB. Strange thing is several computers are listing the contacts when typing in the TO field, some aren't. Anyone else finding this or can anyone suggest a solution?

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