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Can't get rid error message

By aprilstar ·
Everytime I boot up Windows XP Home a RUNDLL message appears saying that a file C:\Windows\bxxs5.dll can not be found. I found out that this was caused from an adware.bookedspace program. I have deleted the registry settings that were specified at the Norton's website, but after rebooting error message still appears. How do I get rid of it.

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persistent problems

by TeenTown In reply to Can't get rid error messa ...

Privacy Defender may be of use to you. Sorts 'persistent' problems...

Maybe you have already heard of it, but i was surprised, its good to see spyware detection software becoming much more useful. You seem to be having registry problems too, which is ok, just try a registry scan.

This free spyware software includes hard drive, memory and window registry scan for malicious adware spyware, plus homepage protector, activeX protection, popup blocking and more.

They also make sure you can scan your pc for free and have 1 Year of Free Adware and Spyware Updates!

maybe it could fix your problem

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by TeenTown In reply to persistent problems

sorry aprilstar, try this ...

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I agree

by Aldanatech In reply to correction....

I agree. Privacy defender usually works well in these kinds of situation. If for any reason it doesn't work on your particular case you may have to resort to more drastic measures such re-installing your operating system.

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Windows solutionz

by silicaZ In reply to persistent problems

PDr is a good choice, caters for most spyware infections. But it was the popup-blocking feature that swung it for me.

I can't stand popups, you'd have thought the all powerful Micro5oft would have integrated popup-stopping (or even spyware-stopping) features in their software ?!?

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what is free?

by husp1 In reply to persistent problems

Funny when I went to the site the thing cost $29.00. The only thing free was the primary scan but removal cost. maybe you should be less missleading in your posts

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a real one

by mihaela.gordon In reply to Can't get rid error messa ...

yeah...I got that massage in the really stinks...

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by Bill Detwiler Editor In reply to Can't get rid error messa ...


If none of the adware/spyware removal tools (Ad-aware (, Spybot - Search & Destroy (, etc.) work fo you. You might try's ( own removal tool (

I'm not sure how well's removal tool works, but it's worth a try if all else fails.

Good luck!

Bill Detwiler
Section Editor
Virus Threat Center

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Ad Aware great, but has limits

Ad Aware has worked well for me, but I wonder if it is as strong at repairing damage as it at detecting spyware and data miners.

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RE: Can't get rid error message

by TheSulz In reply to Can't get rid error messa ...

aprilstar, have you tried the Windows XP util MSCONFIG. From here you can stop unwanted stuff from trying to load when your starting windows. It can be run by going to start - run - and type in MSCONFIG. If your not a techie have a look on the web to find out how to use it properly. You can find loads of articles on a Google search. Damn spyware is a killer.

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