Can't get sound thru front panel audio jack

By len.piko ·
I installed a Biostar mP4M900-M7 FE Motherboard from
PowerUp. Everything
seems to be working good except I cannot get any audio out of the
front panel thru earphones. I checked the earphone on the back panel
and they are fine. The case that I'm using is a Tc3J-4042P from
PowerUp. It was included in a bundle. Also included
in this bundle are: 2GB Kingston pc5400 667MHz of ram,Seagate SATA
250GB hard drive,Lite-ON DVDRW 20X SATA W/ Lightscribe,Intel Dual Core
2.2GHz. Socket 775 processor running Win XP Home Edition.

I am having no problem getting sound from the back speaker. I have
the front audio connector properly inserted into the motherboard.
The connections from my SATA DVD/RW have power cables and data cables
hooked up to the motherboard. Should there also be an audio cable
from the DVD/RW to the motherboard in order for the front panel audio
jack to work? I also inserted the speaker connector that came with
the case in which it looks to be freestanding. Any help with getting
audio from the front panel of this system will be appreciated.

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I think you mean a Biostar P4M900-M7 FE motherboard ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Can't get sound thru fron ...

This motherboard runs the Realtek ALC662 6-Channel HD Audio sound chip.

As such, you ought to have a Realtek Media Control option either sitting in your systray or locatable inside the Control Panel window.

This system operates on the principle of SMART SOCKETS - the jack socket will become whatever you want it to be (Mic, Line In, Headphone, Loudspeaker) depending on what you have selected from the Media Control window.

You may find that at present, what you are expecting to be a Headphone OUTPUT socket, is in fact a Microphone INPUT socket, because it has not yet been explicitly specified.

At power-up, if a socket does not have a specific 'device' already attached to it, the system will make a GUESS as to what the function of this socket should be - there is no hard and fast ruling on this 'guess'!

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Is there a headphone like jack sticking out of the back of your case?

by Slayer_ In reply to Can't get sound thru fron ...

Cause if so, plug it into your speakers outlet and your front jack will now work :).

This is how mine was, I was supprised to learn this myself. Perhaps yours is the same.

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by Jacky Howe In reply to Can't get sound thru fron ...

your Front Panel Audio connector and make sure that it is (HD) high definition audio and not AC97.

AC97 Front Panel Audio Does Not Work with Onboard HD Audio
The onboard front panel audio connector provides microphone in and line out signals for the front panel. Many chassis manufacturers offer chassis with front panel audio ports and cabling. Those front panel solutions may support either AC97 audio or High Definition (HD) audio.


HD front panel audio solutions should be plugged into HD onboard headers.

Pin Assignment
1 Mic Left in
2 Ground
3 Mic Right in
5 Right line in
6 Jack Sense
7 Front Sense
8 Key
9 Left line in
10 Jack Sense

AC97 front panel audio solutions should be plugged into AC?97 onboard headers.
Some AC?97 front panel audio solutions (but not all) may work with HD onboard headers.
If you want connect an AC97 front panel audio system to HD onboard headers, try these steps:

Connect Mic_IN (MIC) to MIC2_L.
Connect Audio_R (RIN) to OUT2_R
Connect Audio_L (LIN) to OUT2_L.
MIC_RET and OUT_RET are for HD audio only; you don't need to connect them for AC97 audio.

If the steps above do not work, you will need to use an HD front panel audio solution for full compatibility.


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Can't get sound thru front panel audio jack

by len.piko In reply to Check

Thanks for your quick reply. I have the front audio connector properly placed on the motherboard. There is also a speaker connector with one 4 holed female end that plugs into the motherboard and the other end of this speaker connector is cylinder shaped that looks like it has a metal contact within the cylinder. I have no idea where this is suppose to be connected. This connection came with the case from Power Up. There is no documentation to look at. Do you think this might have some relevance to the front panel audio issue that I'm having?

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Page 14 of the manual

by Jacky Howe In reply to Can't get sound thru fron ...

JPANEL1: Front Panel Header

This is probably for the onboard speaker not the front speakers.
If I were you I would contact the supplier and discuss your situation. Check with them if the front panel audio connecter is HD as an AC97 connector will plug into the HD but it wont work. I have previuosly been helped out by suppliers.

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Can't get sound thru front panel audio jack

by len.piko In reply to Page 14 of the manual

I finally found out that in order to get audio from the front headphone speakers I had to set both the RealTek Control panel and the setting in WinXp control panel sound to 2nd audio output. Thanks alot for your time, it is appreciated.

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Glad that you have it sorted out {nt}

by Jacky Howe In reply to Can't get sound thru fron ...

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