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Can't get sound to work

By EStreetJerseyGirl ·
I just installed Windows XP on my computer (IBM Aptiva 2163). I have an ESS 1969 PCI AudioDrive soundcard. When I first installed XP, I had no problems at all with playing music or sounds. I had run Windows Update and was installing a bunch of updates, including one for the audio driver, when my computer crashed (I had installed a firewall that wasn't compatible with XP). The computer did a memory dump and I rebooted it. Ever since that, my audio won't play.

I downloaded the XP signed version of the audio driver from ESS Technology's website and installed that. There are no obvious problems with the device or the driver; everything appears to be installed and running fine. However, AIM and MSN won't play any notification sounds, and WinAmp gives me the following error:

**No sound devices found. Please buy a soundcard first (or install proper drivers if you think that you have one). More info can be found at

Error code 2:
Windows error message:
"A device ID has been used that is out of range for your system."**

How can I get my audio working again? It IS enabled in the BIOS, and it was working before the memory dump. HELP!!!

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by Kinetechs In reply to Can't get sound to work

Hi JerseyGirl,
Have you tried using System Restore? You can find it in Accesories -> System Tools. It'll restore you system to an earlier configuration. Just choose what date you want to restore to.

There's also Driver Rollback but that probably won't work since you've done another driver update so you'd just be going back to another driver that didn't work.

Another thing that may work is searching the text of the INF files in c:\windows\inf for the string 1969 or ESS and deleting the ones it finds. Windows XP's search feature will look inside the files for the text if you tell it to. Uninstall the hardware from Device Manager and to a reboot. It'll then ask for the drivers so you can give it the older ones.

Good Luck.

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by EStreetJerseyGirl In reply to

Thanx, but I just installed XP today, so there's no reference points to restore back to.

As for your second suggestion, when the audio WAS working, it was before I had done anything with the drivers. The old audio drivers were still there and running fine. After the memory dump, the audio stopped working, so I attempted to fix the problem by uninstalling and then reinstalling the soundcard. I got an error message saying that the driver wasn't digitally signed and therefore wasn't compatible with XP. I downloaded the updated driver from ESS's website, but that hasn't worked.

Basically, the only time I got the audio to work under XP was with the unsigned, older version of the driver, but when I tried installing that same one, it didn't like that, and now the new, signed one isn't playing well with others, either. Trying to figure THAT one out is making my brain implode.

And I searched for the INF folder in all of the C drive, nuttin'.

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by tommy46 In reply to Can't get sound to work

Uninstall your soundcard through Device Manager then either reboot your PC and let windows detect the card when it restarts or run the New Hardware Wizard and direct it to the folder where you have stored the latest drivers you have downloaded.
Hope this helps,

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by EStreetJerseyGirl In reply to

Sorry, I forgot to mention in my first post ... I tried that about half a dozen times with both the old driver and the newer XP driver. When I had this sort of problem with any other OS I'e ever used, this solution fixed it right away. At first I thought it may be an XP issue, that my soundcard wasn't compatible with the O/S, but I know that's not true because the audio played before the memory dump occurred. Also, I doubt that ESS would have an XP driver on their website for my soundcard if it wasn't compatible.

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by carlos.nino In reply to Can't get sound to work

If you've done all that, the next thing I'd try is to uninstall the card from the Control Panel (yet again), make sure you have the old and new drivers available on disk or CD and eliminate all the soundcard's drivers, and phisically remove the card. Then reboot and check your System Devices to see if it still makes reference to a sound device. If it does, you'll have to eliminate them (unless it's an inboard soud device), and if not, then put the soud card back in the PC (you can try another PCI slot if available) and let Windows detect the card. Since you eliminated the drivers, you have to point Windows to where they are (CD, disk).
If you have already updated Windows (like when the problem started) and this doesn't work, then most probably one of the updates messed something up in the way Windows detects harware and installs it's drivers. Then I'd install Windows again from scratch and update it without the audio driver.

Hope this helps!!!

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by EStreetJerseyGirl In reply to

Thanx - that's the same thing my fiance suggested to me last night. Unfortunately, the soundcard is onboard, so I couldn't try that. The computer I have is pretty old (Pentium II, 399MHz, 256MB of RAM), think it's from '96 or '98 ... he suggested that I get a new soundcard and just install that, but at this point, I think I'd be better off just buying a whole new computer!

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by EStreetJerseyGirl In reply to Can't get sound to work

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